The Friday Five From Our PR Agency


The Friday Five From Our PR Agency


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We all know babies love casuing trouble and none more so than this adventurous toddler who baffled his parents by managing to escape out of his baby cot every night. Dwayne who shares a cot with his twin brother was finally captured on camera by his parents who wanted to solve the mystery behind his night wanderings. The wee man can be seen on the camera crawling over his cot railings and landing with a bump on the floor. And to prove he’s not as stupid as he looks he even goes as far as trying to break the video camera in order to cover up his crib walking crime. His mother put the video on Youtube and now the video has gone viral with over 30,000 views


This wee video clip is right in stating landing your foot in a pile of pup poo can royally ruin your day. I’ve often been caught out and been thankful that it’s rained that day so I can try and undo some of the damage instantly by a bit of puddle dippin’ but other times I’ve had to resort to the kerb scrape. Bad times. New York has solved this and once again it is proven that there really is an app for everything. Ricky Anolik and Angela Pacheco now allow New York residents to exploit excrements with the Poopon app. Poopons branded bags are to be made available around popular New York parks with a unique heat-sensitive coupon code that will be enabled by the collection of your pooches warm waste.
The code can then be scanned through the Poopons app on your smartphone and you will be instantly rewarded with “poop points.”  Establishments in the local area will reward you with some slightly tastier treats to reward you for your eco-friendly nature.  Once you have exchanged the goody bag it will be automatically posted onto Facebook, Twitter and Four Sqaure so the stores will get a shout out on the net.   Unfortunately residents of Edinburgh will just have to make do with dumping it in a bin.  No scooping rewards for us.


If you’ve never had the pleasure of viewing any of William Shatner’s musical offerings, I heartily recommend you do. They may well be the funniest, most bizarre things you see all month. For some reason, the veteran Star Trek actor has become something of a cult hero for his singing and has released a number of popular albums despite the clear limitations of his vocals. I think he originally saw himself as a Sinatra-style crooner, although his cover of Elton John’s Rocket Man is an absolute hoot and something of a viral legend in its own right. And his latest offering – an epic reinterpretation of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody – is just as mind-bendingly weird as ever. I hope there’s plenty more in the pipeline from the Shat in the future.


Now we all know how frustrating a sat nav can be when you are trying to find where you’re going. It tends to take you everywhere but the place you actually want to go, through country lanes to roaring motorways the sat nav is not always described as the best navigation tool. This was true in the case of this lorry driver who was going about his daily business when his ‘faithful’ sat nav directed him in to a small lane in between a house and an estate agent meaning he became stuck for a total of 26 hours! Not only that the poor man lost his job. Guess he won’t be reliant on his sat nav for directions any time soon


Dunno how I managed to miss the hilarious story about an apparent cock up at a Chinese factory which led to a man being sent a 7ft slipper. Cue much hilarity and funny pictures across the media, especially newspapers. But now the whole thing is starting to look like  slightly dubious PR scam. Nobody on the papers minds a bit of fun from PR folks – but they don’t like be duped outright. I woudn’t fancy being the PR person behind this stunt next time they are looking for coverage. This slipper is one monster that will come back to bite them.