The Fourth’s Fabulous Treats


The Fourth’s Fabulous Treats

High Five

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As a geeky schoolboy in the early 1980s, I was totally smitten with a fantasy role playing game (RPG), called Dungeons & Dragons. All that was involved was a lot of imagination and many-sided dice. Now of course, such games have transfomred into online behemoths like World of Warcraft. But I like this humble wee version called Chore Wars. Yep, sign up to be an Elf, Orc or Wizard and collect treasure, battle monsters and gain experiency by … er, dusting the telly, emptying the dishwasher and taking the trash out. Let battle commence…


An officer from the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SSPCA) got a shock when she was called to a lady’s house to try and stop a slithering snake roaming about in her attic. The lady who had discovered the snake was probably more than pleased when the rescue officer discovered the animal was not in fact a snake but simply a draft excluder. The nice part of this story is that the stuffed animal is no longer gathering dust in the scared lady’s loft but is now a full time resident at the Aberdeen Animal Rescue and Rehoming centre and is now been given the name Sid. Awww.


I’m sure many of you will have read Samantha Brick’s article in the Daily Mail yesterday, where she asked “Why do women hate me for being beautiful?”.  She told of the countless occasions when random men have bought her flowers, champagne and even paid for her trains, just because of her astounding beauty.  Within an hour, the article had received over 1000 comments, and by the end of the day it had been viewed 1 million times.  This is down to the storm the article created on Twitter, with thousands of people tweeting about it, including celebrities like Duncan Bannatyne and Lauren Laverne.  She must have known that there would be a backlash when she wrote the article, but I don’t think anyone could have predicted the sheer volume of responses it received.  A spoof Twitter account has even been set up, pretending to be Ms Brick herself.  It broadcasts hilarious tweets such as “Local wives throwing stones at my bedroom window again. Husband says it’s hail. Don’t think he realises what I go through every day”.  It’s brilliant and definitely worth following.Thanks to a former collegue at Holyrood PR Adrian Mather for pointing this hilarious story out. Follow Adrian @CoVBadger!/La_Brick 

49hz (Aimee) 

Edinburgh clubbers were gutted to hear about the temporary closure of Cab Vol but in its absence a new haven has emerged-The Annexe-and a brand new night set to blow yer socks off launches this Friday! If you’re looking for something fresh, get along to 49hz this Friday where guest UK producer Pasteman will be adding to the mix of bass, funky, garage and house tunes!Brainchild of Edinburgh producer Harry Bennett, the night is all about the music and exposing clubbers to interesting and emerging sounds-something I think Edinburgh has been lacking!Check out their Facebook page for more info but more importantly get on their blog to listen to their exclusive downloadable mixes.


I don’t know about you but I have a routine when it comes to updating my twitter account and this tends to be during the week – but contrary to my tweeting habits one research group has found that Sunday is the most popular date to tweet. Socialbaker has found that Sunday is the day when people are most likely to engage with brands on twitter – probably because this is the day most people are free and turn online to keep themselves occupied. The research shows the need for social media monitoring and for brands and PR agencies to be aware of the peak times of engagement, so they can ensure their tweets reflect this and are able to take advantage of its value.