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From Nessie to easy-open beer cans – our picks of today’s tales from around the web

Nessie Hunter, Steve Feltham

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Marcus Atkinson from Fort-Augustus in Inverness-shire has this week photographed what appears to be the Loch Ness Monster! Taken from his phone the picture is of the screen of Marcus’s sonar fish-finding device, and the grainy shot seems to show a long, 5ft-wide, serpent-like creature. Monster hunter Steve Feltham (pictured above) is excited by the news, saying that the object cannot be a fish due to the depth at which it appeared (75ft below the surface). However, Dr Simon Boxall from the National Oceanography Centre in Southampton suggests that rather than the mythical loch-dwelling monster, the image shows ‘a bloom of algae that and zooplankton’. Either way you won’t find me in a hurry to take a springtime dip in the famous Loch…


So I thought the easiest way to open a can was to use the cap? Well apparently not as Miller has come up with an ‘easier’ way to drink the lite beer. The American beer brand has designed a can with two tabs, a standard cap to open as well as one which you would need a sharp object to open. Now I’m not a can opener expert but I’m pretty sure that encouraging people to use objects like keys and spanners is leading to some kind of accident. It’s supposed to create a smoother taste- I think I’d rather keep all my fingers thanks.


Have you ever Googled yourself just to see what comes up? I have and it’s surprising what garbage appears on the page claiming to know my number and address. Yet there are useful benefits from having an unusual surname – chances are I am one of very few people  in the world with my name. This means that I appear on the first page of Google.
Think about the times you are likely to be Googled by someone. Primarily it could be after a date, a pitch or a job interview – in order to check your background. Is this a breach of privacy? What if a potential employer sets eyes on some embarrassing Facebook photos from back in the day? Will this colour their judgement and could it adversely affect your prospects of landing a job? If that’s the kind of thing that vexes you, now you can check who has Googled you with online reputation manager, BrandYourself.
The startup (, helps individuals control Google results for names through SEO, launched a new feature on Tuesday that shows users where visitors to their BrandYourself profiles work and where they’re located. 


So, if ever you plan on having a collision with a road sign (not recommended) it is probably best to avoid a sign providing information about how to prevent accidents. Especially if the sign suggests you take breaks and you happen to have driven for more than 2 hours over the statutory limit without taking a break. Lorry driver David Loudon found this out the hard way after he clashed with a ‘Tiredness can Kill – take a break’ sign on the A74(M) in Dumfries and Galloway in March last year. Fortunately the irony of this event was not compounded by any serious injury, and lorry driver David was left unhurt, although he was later fined $1,822 and had nine points endorsed on his license.


I know how invaluable gaining practical experience in your target career is – I spent 5 months in total between London and Edinburgh doing internships, without which I would not be sitting where I am now.I firmly believe it is crucial for your employability, and in a world of dwindling employment opportunities, it really sets you apart and shows your willingness and dedication.I wish I had started early, and think it should be part of the secondary education curriculum to complete a few spells of work experience during your holiday time, if not just to instill some work ethic and career direction in young minds.The below article is definitely indicative that something needs to be done on this front: