The Caledonian Challenge Heads To The Hills

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The Caledonian Challenge Heads To The Hills

Project Work and Other Clients Press releases

Caledonian Challenge Press and JournalCaledonian Challenge Climbs for PR Scotland.

The Press and Journal featured the RBS Caledonian Challenge with news that the event is set to raise £750k for remote and isolated Scottish communities.

Over 800 fundraisers are set to take on the 54 mile hike through the Scottish Highlands this weekend in an effort to raise funds for the Scottish Community Foundation.

Beyond the main event and for the very first time, marathon runners are set to conquer a 24-mile off-road course, helping open the event to even more people, particularly those after a smaller challenge than the 54 mile trek. 

Giles Ruck, Chief Executive for the Scottish Community Foundation, said: “The response has been absolutely fantastic with 200 more people taking the challenge this year.

“2011’s Challenge was a massive success and with more participants and the excitement of the new hike challenge, we’re hoping we can top last year’s fundraising total and help the work of Scottish Community Foundation.

“As well as having over 800 participants raising funds, we also have hundreds of support teams and volunteers who are absolutely vital to the event’s success, which actually means that there are over 1,000 people involved in helping us reach our targets. 

“All our volunteers do a fantastic job, putting in long hours over the course of the challenge to help boost morale and contribute funds – without them the Challenge wouldn’t have become what it is today so we are hugely appreciative of their efforts.”

Since its inception in 1996 the Caledonian Challenge has attracted more than 14,000 participants who have raised over £11 million for The Scottish Community Foundation – dispersing  grants to help achieve lasting impacting across Scotland’s communities.

The coverage featured in the Press and Journal and was secured on behalf of the RBS Caledonian Challenge thanks to Holyrood PR.