The Astonishing Numbers In The Kit Kat Social Media Case and Why Business Should Take Notice

by Scott Douglas

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

The speed with which the Nestle Palm Oil row blew up on social media last week defied belief.

Already, many commentators are suggesting it marks the point where social media came of age.

The story didn’t just reach the millions of people already comfortable using Facebook and Twitter.

It crossed over. Globally. It hit the mainstream media in a major way, adding even more fuel to the online firetorm.

I am always looking for case studies to demonstrate to businesses the importance of embracing social media as part of the communications mix.

So, at the weekend I was tracking the figures involved as well as I could with the free tools avaialable. And I pulled together the results into a wee presentation.

Now I’ve managed to turn that into a video. I only have the most basic  tools, so apologies in advance for the lack of any sound and the jerky quality.

Still, I hope anyone viewing this will share my astonishment at the sheer global reach and numbers involved.

Kit Kat, anyone?

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