The £500,000 Injection Which Helped Cosmetic Clinic Look The Part

Sculpta cosmetic clinic Press releases

The £500,000 Injection Which Helped Cosmetic Clinic Look The Part

Sculpta cosmetic clinic Press releases
Sculpta investment

Team behind new cosmetic clinic stake cash on creating the best image

A cosmetic clinic offering the most state-of-the-art facilities ever seen in Scotland has opened in Glasgow.

Sculpta Cosmetic Clinic which represents a £500,000 investment, provides a range of pioneering cosmetic treatments never before offered in Scotland.

The groundbreaking clinic in Glasgow’s West End will provide treatments including painless hair removal, bespoke teeth whitening, as well as cosmetic dentistry and surgery. In addition, the clinic also has a 24-hour on call doctor and offers Vaser lipo sculpture – a revolutionary new liposuction treatment where clients can be in and out of the surgery in the matter of hours.

Clinical director, Dr Mohammad Ahmad expects the unique treatments to help the venture breakeven within two years – with plans to roll out other similar Sculpta Clinics in Edinburgh and Aberdeen.

He said: “Scuplta Clinic is truly unique. There is no other cosmetic clinic in Scotland that provides these types of treatments – or a 24-hour a day on call doctor – so we envisage it being a tremendous success.

“We have invested a lot of time and effort into getting this clinic right, to make sure that we provide the most pioneering treatments for clients in Glasgow and across the rest of Scotland. Around £500,000 has been invested to ensure this is the best cosmetic practice in the country – and we expect to recoup that investment within two years.

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The clinic, in Glasgow’s Royal Crescent, was unveiled at an exclusive launch event attended by current Miss Scotland Nicola Mimnagh. Guests underwent a full “beauty MOT” – showcasing some of the exclusive treatments on offer to men and women.

Dr Ahmad added: “As this is our first venture, we really wanted to make it exciting for everyone.

“Instead of just having a run of the mill launch night, we wanted to let our guests experience our amazing treatments firsthand such as our face scan technology. And who better to help us talk beauty than our current Miss Scotland.

“Nicola is obviously a naturally beautiful girl, and looks fantastic at 24. In her line of work, looks are extremely important and she wants to maintain her youthful appearance for as long as possible.

“The face scan technology was a huge hit on the launch night. As expected, everyone wanted to have a go, even our very own Miss Scotland. We’re now looking forward to offering the scans – and our other pioneering treatments – to clients in Glasgow and across Scotland.”

For further information on the treatments available at Sculpta Clinic (13 Royal Crescent, Glasgow, G3 7SL), contact Dr Ahmad or a member of the team on 0845 277 0989 or alternatively visit

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