The Secret To Dating Success? Effective Communication

by Alicia Simpson

Tuesday, March 8th, 2016

Matchmaking experts say women in public relations are popular partners – and our Edinburgh PR agency knows why

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WORKING in PR or communications makes women more attractive, according to the love experts at dating app, Tinder.

The matchmaking service – where users “swipe right” on potential partners they approve of – has revealed the occupations that are most in demand. For women who have profiles on the site as they search for a soul mate, it turns out a career in PR puts them firmly in the top four most desirable occupations.

Well, who am I to disagree with the facts?

Since findings from the dating site put PR women a full SIX places above models, it begs the question, just what is it about working in the communications industry that men find so enticing? Aside from the drop dead gorgeous looks, obviously.


The ladies of the PR world get free entry to every glamorous event, mingle with top celebrities and know all the latest gossip, and live a swanky, jet-setting lifestyle, often travelling to exotic locations to meet our clients’ needs.

It’s all an illusion, of course, and my last trip out the office was to a care home in rainy Barrhead, but I wouldn’t tell you that on my Tinder profile (if I had one).


The clue is in the name – public relations. The job is all about relating to others.

Whether this means interviewing an 104 year old about their love of porridge, convincing a busy journalist that your story should hit tomorrow’s headlines or persuading bloggers that they really *must* attend your event on weight loss,  PR women know just what to say, and how to say it.

This kind of skill also comes in particularly useful when we’re in desperate need of a cuppa.


Working in the communications industry means we soak up knowledge from across a whole host of sectors on a daily basis, so we’re never stuck for something to say. It is like knowing the real love spells that work.

We are also constantly reading and absorbing new information from a variety of niche and obscure sources to benefit our diverse range of clients.

After all, you never know when key facts from Concrete Monthly or Roofing Today will come in handy.

Being extremely social also means we are comfortable making connections (and building friendships) with both acquaintances and strangers, which can be particularly advantageous when it comes to gaining new business.


Being a great conversationalist equally means knowing when to keep schtum and just listen.

More than simply being friendly and approachable though, we also need to have open and questioning minds.

We are accomplished in finding stories in places a client may never have thought to look and teasing interesting nuggets from the most doubtful of sources.

We wouldn’t have the story success we do, without first taking the time to lend a friendly ear.


An often debated ability between the sexes, but there is no denying that the ability to multitask comes in especially handy for those working in PR.

It is not unlikely, for example, to find us juggling setting up a creative photo shoot, issuing a press release to relevant journalists, all while searching for media coverage, building a list of influential bloggers, writing a business video script, updating a website and Tweeting, Facebooking and Instagramming for clients.

Then we still make time to keep our own social media profiles (and social lives!) in tip-top condition.

These kind of skills prove especially beneficial when it comes to feeding your date’s cat, booking a table at a restaurant for the evening and collecting his Mum’s birthday present because he forgot…



Nobody likes to be openly insulted, but there is no room for smudged mascara in public relations. We are accustomed (and have been since day one) to thoughtless comments and even snide remarks, from short-tempered media types, bitchy rivals and even the occasional catty client.

News desks and busy journalists have tight deadlines and very rarely have time to take our calls, while bloggers want you to have read their last 15 posts and know their star sign, favourite colour and mum’s maiden name before they consider you worth speaking to.

Also factor in that a majority of our work involves writing – an incredibly subjective area where virtually everyone is convinced they can do so much better.

But you won’t find any Kleenex here – we simply take a deep breath, put a smile on our face and send our email to the same address for the fourth time that day.


Want to put together a photo shoot with a racehorse in the middle of Edinburgh? Sure!

Can we make chocolate Brussels sprouts for Christmas? Why not!

Can we spell out your company’s name in lorne sausage? Of course we can!

We love innovative ideas and will jump at the chance to embrace any challenge or unique opportunity. So if our date wants us to take a spontaneous trip to Venice tomorrow, who are we to say no?


When you’ve successfully made underwater hoovers, antiseptic plasters and dog and cat hair extensions sound sexy, you certainly know a thing or two about being creative.

Whether this is being creative with words – our Director will forever take the glory for ‘the Nan who loves naan’ – brainstorming unique images or organising imaginative and unusual events in a matter of days, you name it, we’ve thought it up.

On the upside, this means that a date with a public relations girl definitely won’t be lacking in inspiration or originality.

Oh, and did we mention we also have lingerie PR experience?

Whichever way you slice it, the good folks at Tinder have simply confirmed what we knew all along.

There are an abundance of reasons why men looking for love choose to swipe right on women working in Edinburgh PR or communications.

We are charismatic, charming, creative and undeniably clever… Or perhaps we’re just very well-practiced in the art of taking a selfie?

Either way, if you’re on the hunt for Mrs Right, you know the perfect words to look for under the ‘job title’ heading next time you’re browsing Tinder.

And next year, we’re aiming for the top spot.

Your business could find the perfect PR match –find out why there’s so much to love about working with our Edinburgh PR agency.

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