The relentless rise of the bloggers who are shaping a new era of public relations.

by Ross Stebbing

Thursday, April 16th, 2015

Use the changing digital landscape to boost your bottom line, and reach a new audience.

Utilising every media outlet ensures we get the most coverage possible for our clients. We realise that one of the growing areas that's important for coverage comes from bloggers.TECHNOLOGY has given each of us a powerful computer in our pocket.

The smartphone generation hasn’t been shy in embracing advantages of the digital age – including the ability to get stuck into just about any career they fancy. Ambitious e-jack-of-all-trades are rewriting rules about work.

Who needs a film or TV contract or an Equity card to be a screen success when you can shoot video on a smart phone and upload it to a potential audience of millions on YouTube? Want a music career? Then download the right software on your laptop and you’re up and running. Want to reinvent yourself as a film or culture? Numerous publishing platforms make that possible too.

Despite the rise of words like “blogger” and “vlogger” over the past five years, they are terms that are not universally understood just yet.  But for a growing section of society – the selfie-enthusiasts, the Insta-obsessives and the six second video aficionados – these are now bywords for “influencer”, “publisher” and even “journalist”.

What does this mean for your business? It means a world of opportunity.

The traditional mass media – newspapers, magazines and broadcasters – still have a powerful role in influence and agenda-setting. Yet this new breed of DIY and passion-driven communicators are impossible to ignore because of the clout they command. Here are a few reasons your business should pay attention to the army of “amateurs” who are providing people-powered commentary.

CALA HOMES, COAST CLOTHING AND CULINARY INSTITUTIONSEdinburgh public relations agency host bloggers event for client

At Holyrood PR we’ve organised high-impact and highly successful blogger events for a number of clients – most recently the upmarket housebuilder CALA Homes and the refurbished culinary institution, Maison Bleue restaurant in Edinburgh.

We’d love you to read more about the amazing success of the CALA Homes blogger event 

Holyrood PR in Edinburgh show why blogging is on this rise and how your business can benefit from itElsewhere we were impressed recently when fashion giant Coast organised a “Bloggers Exclusive Event” at its upmarket George Street boutique in Edinburgh. The magical secret garden themed experience saw the bloggers treated to cocktails, cakes, a mini fashion show and a personal styling experience. They were also offered the chance to win a £500 voucher, a lucky dip and each left with a personal goodie bag.

So just why is Coast courting bloggers? Anyone so driven by a passion for fashion that they make time to write about it every day will be listened to by their niche audiences.  By providing a top tier experience to such bloggers, Coast ensured its spring-summer designs were shared in a mass of Tweets, updates, selfies and other posts.


Holyrood PR in Edinburgh show why blogging is on the rise and how it can boost you business bottom lineIt can take just a few seconds to set up a blog. But it generally takes long months (even years) of consistent updating and sharing of relevant content to attract and build a loyal legion of followers.

While bloggers may seem to sum up the cult of the amateur, they have usually put in loads of hard graft and there are bloggers covering every niche imaginable – not just fashion and food.

In some cases that audience may be only a few hundred,  while other reach tens of thousands.  What is most important is that blog readers share the views, passions and interests of the bloggers they follow. Which means they trust them. So a mention by a blogger may not reach as many people as a mention in a newspaper – but it may reach exactly the right people.


Despite being the new kid on the block, blogging has already evolved. It used to involve writing carefully thought out posts, but such long form content has been overtaken by shorter updates – or even by images without text at all.

Such content suits a younger generation weaned on social media and most cities now have a well-connected network of keyboard critics who area happy to congregate – either digitally or in real life – to discuss a new product launch and share selfies.

It’s not just the detailed blog post that makes an impact on an audience  – it’s the shared hashtags, a set of tweets, an array of selfies and the shares on Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr and Pinterest as well as the many other places where people share their likes and dislikes with their tribe.

Find out now how your business can better engage with bloggers in your sector

Our Edinburgh PR agency offers a wide range of social media services – which could help you reach influential bloggers in your sector. We’d love to speak with you about the possibilities. Contact us on 0131 561 2244 or fill out the form, below and we’ll get straight back to you.

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