The Real McCoy – My Internship at Holyrood PR

Intern Programme
By Adam Terris
Adam Terris intern

LET’S set the scene. It was a Monday morning and as a recent graduate, I had gotten used to long lie ins. I just about opened my eyes and before I know it I was in the Holyrood PR office and immediately awoken as I quickly got put to work.

I’ve done plenty of internships and work experience before, but this instantly felt different to me. I was part of a team and as such I actually had a role to play, rather than sitting around twiddling my thumbs.

A lot of internships make you feel like you’re just there to add something to your CV rather than actually learn, but at Holyrood PR, there has been a very hands on role from the get go.

On my first day I was writing coverage uploads and by my second week I was writing my own press release. I was out of the office representing the company and was also left with the responsibility of finding a story.

That’s real experience that I can take away and build on in my career.

It was great to flex my creative muscles during an internship, something I’ve never been able to do to any real extent elsewhere. Other internships may give you tasks to do but they will intervene at any chance. At Holyrood PR, I was guided on how to perform tasks but given the chance to find an angle myself.

Graduating in history never guarantees you a certain career path and so experience is crucial to finding a job for us historians. More than this however, history is such a broad degree. It teaches very crucial but non-specific skills in analysis, writing and research. These skills needed to be refined for me and the internship at Holyrood PR has certainly allowed me to apply these skills to PR.

What also makes this internship ‘The Real McCoy’ is the fact that you are actually respected as a member of the team. I’ve been involved in countless team meetings, presentations and briefings as well as being invited out for drinks after work on a Friday.

From my first day here I’ve felt like there is a great blend of professionalism and enjoyment that makes for a productive and positive atmosphere.

Everyone takes a great pride in what they do at Holyrood PR. When someone’s story for a client pops up in the press, the passion is clear as everyone starts chatting about the article that has been so successful.

It is great to be a part of that enthusiasm, searching the internet for stories on Holyrood PR’s clients and writing about the coverage of the many press releases.

If you really want to understand what it is like to work in PR and you want real life experience of working day to day as part of a pro-active agency, then the internship at Holyrood PR is ideal. You could always go elsewhere and make coffee for people and sit around on Facebook all day just in order to write down on your CV that you had some ‘work experience’, but where’s the fun in that?

I’ve come away from this experience knowing the organisation and the effort that goes in to working for every client in an agency. That experience is invaluable to helping me develop my career in the future.

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