Scottish PR agency photography, Caleb Ibejigba - PR intern

The end of the road: My 4-week journey at a Scottish PR Agency

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The end of the road: My 4-week journey at a Scottish PR Agency

  BlogIntern Programme

I heave a sigh and say goodbye – but my journey is far from over

Scottish PR agency photography, Caleb Ibejigba - PR intern

There’s never a right time to say goodbye, but as my four weeks come to an end, I find myself bidding my time at a Scottish PR agency farewell. 

The cheerful hellos and enthused good mornings are some of the things I’ll miss the most. I remember asking if this was love in my first blog post; now I know my answer. This past week has gone by in a breeze, and I’ve enjoyed every single moment. 

The days intensified quickly but the team’s steady hands guided me through every task and question I had. The regular “well-done” and “good job” kept me going even on days when I doubted my ability to produce valuable work.  

In these four weeks, I’ve learnt a lot from the team – from crafting success stories to creating compelling designs. I’ve learnt that each client is different and requires us to carefully tell all of their stories. 

I love that the team allowed me to do my thing when given a specific task without putting me under pressure with strict supervision.  It’s great to know that people trust you enough to produce the best work by yourself and are ready to offer a hand when you feel lost. 

Ah, yes! The hospitality, how can I forget?! There was always someone asking if you needed something picked up from the shops or if you’d like a coffee. I thought it was just a first-week thing for a while but seeing that it was engrained in the company’s culture was inspiring.

Within these four weeks, I’ve learnt a lot about exciting industry sectors in Scotland and taken a keen interest in them. I have a new-found appreciation for so many businesses – KidsOR, Sovereign Grooming and Cala Homes, to mention a few. Every client has a way of sparking creativity as the team allows you to express your ideas. 

I’ve also been privileged to grow my design skills. Designing is something I picked up about five months ago and between you and me, my initial designs weren’t great. But during these four weeks, I was taken aback when the team constantly had praises for the graphics I produced.  It’s nice to know that what you have learnt, or are still learning, can play a significant role in the company’s daily activities.

At the end of the day, I’m going to miss coming in every morning and seeing the team. I’m grateful for this opportunity and I’m ending it feeling more confident than ever because of what I’ve learnt here, getting the chance to express myself freely has been so rewarding. It’s been a beautiful ride. DJ, please play ‘End of the Road” by Boyz II Men.

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