A Glowing Year for Top Cosmetic Clinic

The Beauty of PR – A Glowing Year for Top Cosmetic Clinic

Dermal Clinic Blog

The Beauty of PR – A Glowing Year for Top Cosmetic Clinic

Dermal Clinic Blog

What does 12 months of hair and beauty PR success look like? Dermal Clinic’s results speak volumes

A Glowing Year for Top Cosmetic Clinic | Hair and Beauty PR

STANDING out in a crowded market is never easy. With new trends coming thick and fast and cosmetic treatments constantly evolving, the beauty industry has become a highly competitive sector.

Success isn’t just about who can shout the loudest to get their name heard. In a more nuanced world, success is often down to who gets noticed for the positive impact they make within the industry. Enter Dermal Clinic. With help from our hair and beauty PR experts, it has not only made a noise but also made a difference.

Led by founder Jackie Partridge, Dermal Clinic has worked with Holyrood PR for more than two years. During that time the clinic’s reputation has gone from strength to strength, gaining recognition for its cutting-edge treatments, as well as Clinical Director Jackie’s Government-accredited know-how.

During the last 12 months we have delivered:
  • 40 pieces of coverage in a wide range of trade, business, national, regional and local titles both in print and online
  • A total audience reach of 1,178,974

Successes have seen Jackie dubbed the ‘Queen’ of injections, while the clinic’s social media activity caught the eye of a chart-topping songstress and a 10th-anniversary event was a sellout success. All in all the last 12 months have left Dermal Clinic with the unmistakable glow of success.

Which is all very well – but might just leave you wondering what 12 months of PR success looks like? Just what did we do and achieve in that year from October 2017 to October 2018? Well here’s a flavour:


Hair and beauty PR photography of facial injections

We have helped build Jackie’s global reputation as a sought-after speaker, trainer and demonstrator of safe treatments,  particularly as an expert in facial injections.

That focus started by highlighting how Jackie and her team championed the introduction of new Government regulation for cosmetic clinics. Later, when cosmetic giant Galderma appointed Jackie to its expert global panel, we scored major media coverage revealing how she was training doctors, dentists and plastic surgeons from all over the world in safe facial injection techniques.

Another accolade for Jackie is that she is a founding member of BACN (British Association of Cosmetic Nurses), all of which we used to help build her media credentials as well. Thanks to our constant horizon-scanning for arising issues, our superb relationships with the media, we were able to identify the key trends that arose over 12 months in the sector, positioning Jackie as an expert commentator on issues which included:


Facial injection expert with syringes for hair and beauty PR campaign
Photo courtesy of Steve Welsh at The Sun

Despite Jackie being a beacon of knowledge for leading titles and wide-scale industry events, the Dermal Clinic team felt they were lacking slightly on the digital front.

So they called in the social media PR experts at Holyrood PR and asked for our help. We conducted an extensive audit looking at five major competitors and analysing activity during six months and across seven separate digital platforms. With the insights from that major audit, we then drew up a plan to super-charge the company’s social channels in time for its 10th anniversary.

Working closely with the Dermal Clinic team to keep in sync with the time of the year and wider beauty sector trends, it was decided to launch a focused, 10-week social media campaign around lip related treatments, tips and trends.

By using the audit results to implement a social/digital media campaign, we set social targets of raising outputs by 10%, likes and interactions by 15% and reach by 20% on preceding period. The results were as follows:

Twitter – Outputs 48 (+480%); Likes/Interactions 231 (+567%); Reach 12.5k (+862%)
Facebook – Outputs 91 (+12%); Likes/Interactions 1761 (+330%); Reach 52,432 (+55%)
Instagram – Outputs 55 (+100%); Likes/Interactions 682 (+682%)

Hair and Beauty Digital Lips Campaign brings success to Dermal Clinic

Find out how our dedicated online and social media focused lips campaign delivered a fresh injection of life into Dermal Clinic’s digital presence.

PR photo of Dermal Clinic founder Jackie Partridge. Dermal clinic uses the services of healthy and beauty PR specialists, Holyrood PR in Edinburgh, Scotland

DIGITAL PR CASE STUDY: Check out exactly what was involved when our hair and beauty PR experts prescribed a digital image makeover for a beauty client 



A notable high point of the digital media campaign was while promoting Dermal Clinic’s own product range. We caught the attention of pop star Lily Allen who interacted with the posts. As a result, Dermal Clinic’s profile and reach skyrocketed.

Lily Allen Twitter Interaction with Dermal Clinic plays part in a Hair and Beauty Campaign



To help Dermal Clinic get a different perspective we took to the skies – literally.

Thanks to our in-house CAA-approved drone pilot and videographer, we were able to bring a fresh new approach to Dermal Clinic’s storytelling when needed.

The clinic is justifiably proud of its amazing patient successes with weight loss delivered through the renowned Alevere Therapy and its rapid results. So, when the clinic wanted to promote the success story of a patient – a grateful golf professional – we knew exactly what to do.

Watch the PR video showing how PGA golfer Keith Morgan got a new lease of life and new confidence after transforming his weight thanks to Alevere Therapy with Dermal Clinic


To showcase the story of the golfer’s significant weight loss our drone captured footage of Roxburghe Golf Course, combining interview shots and aerial views. The creative take hooked audiences online while spreading the message of Dermal’s leading services.


Successful Hair and Beauty PR coverage for Dermal Clinic

Despite the intensive digital focus, we didn’t neglect Dermal Clinic’s hard-earned media profile – and we continued to deliver brilliant media relations for the Morningside business.

From the celebration of record business performance to a focus on the clinic’s landmark 10th anniversary, via the launch of its own branded beauty products – we kept a steady drip-drip of media coverage, reminding patients old and new of the many reasons to give Dermal Clinic a try.


Cosmetic clinic in The Sun thanks to successful hair and beauty PR

WELL WORTH THE WAIT: Find out how a humble press release delivered not one but two major features in Scotland’s biggest newspaper, despite a six month delay. 



As well as being expert story spotters we don’t give up easily. In fact, when we pitched a story about Jackie to Scotland’s biggest paper we refused to get downhearted when the story failed to appear – for six MONTHS. Patience eventually paid off though – because the relationship built up with the journalist saw Jackie quoted on not one, but two major beauty features – leading to her being branded Scotland’s ‘Queen of Jags’.


As the 12 month period comes to a close, Dermal Clinic wanted to focus on a final project of 2018 – a male clinical trial.

By using all of the key ingredients above – media relations and networking, thought leadership and digital expertise – the team at Holyrood PR set out to use hair and beauty PR efforts to help the clinic recruit 10 men to undertake dermal filler treatment for FREE.

The story has already caught the interest of various media publications, including:

  • National coverage on The Scottish Sun and Scottish Field online
  • Print regional coverage in Edinburgh Evening News
  • Local coverage on Edinburgh Live and The Edinburgh Reporter online  

With a jam-packed year of coverage, online engagement and industry presentations, Dermal Clinic has been left glowing.

For a full round-up of coverage and news surrounding Dermal Clinic, visit the company’s hub.

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