Ten top tips to harness the power of teamwork

by Sarah Fairley

Friday, October 2nd, 2015

How working together delivers even greater PR success

Ten Top Tips to improve TeamworkTHE difference between success and failure can all come down to a great team.

I’ve seen this first hand since joining the Holyrood PR team just a few short weeks ago – as my new colleagues welcomed me into a team dedicated to helping clients get the results they are looking for.

The best way to start any new job is being thrown straight into the deep end – for me that involved 10 days of manic activity helping with Tigerlily’s £500,000 relaunch, a reception at the Scottish Parliament and a concept house launch at Dynamic Earth.

Here I wanted to share the 10 main points I learned from that – observations that I hope will help any business to build a better team and see the improved results that delivers:

PR agency share top tips for teamworkONE – Effective communication

The communication between the team members should be free flowing, well channeled and directed towards achievement of project success.

One missed text message, one unreturned call, an overlooked email or even an ignored social media post ca n lead to catastrophe on a major, public facing project.

PR agency share top tips for teamworkTWO – Strong leadership

The speed of the boss is the speed of the team. It is vital to have an efficient leader who can exhibit exemplary behaviour. A good team leader is one who gives importance to team goals over his individual goals and is capable of showing direction and ensuring that the team members remain focused.

PR agency share top tips for teamworkTHREE – Efficient delegation

Assigning responsibilities is as important as ensuring it is fulfilled perfectly. Therefore, it is essential to assign work as per the capability of team members.
When the pressure is piling on it can be tempting to assign tasks to whoever is available – but avoid that if possible.

Take time to identify the strengths, passions and interests of everyone in the team –then play to them to get the best possible results.

PR agency share top tips for teamworkFOUR – Conflict management

It is mandatory to resolve conflicts within the team.

Differences in opinion should be welcomed as both a source of new and alternative ideas and a sign that team members can think for themselves.

But make sure such differences are nipped in the but early and never allowed to come in the way of the team’s performance.

PR agency share top tips for teamworkFIVE – Trust:

A term vital for any relationship also applies to a team-oriented environment.

It is important to generate trust within the team. That can be easier said than done, since trust has to be earned.

Setting clear goals, objectives and deadline and assigning clear responsibilities will allow everyone to deliver what they are expected to – and the more success each team member chalks up the more trust will build.

If uncertain about any individual team member’s abilities, start them on the small stuff to gradually build their confidence – while earning the trust of the rest of the team.

PR agency share top tips for teamworkSIX- Common goals:

Since every team is made of individuals with diverse opinions, often those will be conflicting.

Smart team leaders will ensure each team member has tasks which appeal to that individual’s own ideas of personal achievement.

However, what is most important is to set out shared and common  goals that everyone can aspire to. It is vital to set aside personal points of view and work towards achieving targets together.

PR agency share top tips for teamworkSEVEN – Respect:

To work in coordination, it is essential to understand and respect others in the team.

Respect for each other’s competencies, views and actions will minimize conflicts, ensure smooth functioning and enhance productivity.

One of the best ways to achieve this is to make sure time is set aside to ensure that each member of the team gets regular and public praise for their contribution to the group achievements. Celebrate success – often.

PR agency share top tips for teamworkEIGHT – Togetherness:

A team signifies togetherness. As a unified unit, it should work on a common platform.

Ideally that means everyone should be in the same location, in the same meetings and have the same access to shared files, folders and materials.

Briefings, intelligence, essential background and regular updates should be given to everyone – preferably at the same time – to cement the feeling of togetherness.

PR agency share top tips for teamworkNINE -Avoiding negativity:

Shun feelings of negativity, jealousy or ill-will. Do not participate in unproductive or unhealthy discussions.

Every team member can play their part in this – by not only expecting praise and positive feedback, but by also offering it regularly to other team members.

It doesn’t take much to let a colleague know that their phone manner is impressive, their writing skills admirable or their patience appreciated.


PR agency share top tips for teamworkTEN – Setting a good example: Each team member, through his/her work, should set an example for others to follow.

It can be done by outperforming the target, suggesting new ideas for policies and procedures or by participating in activities at the organisational level.

Don’t only look for your boss or team leader to set the tone – play your own part by acting and behaving towards others how you’d like them to act and behave towards you.


Here at Holyrood PR we believe that finding and sharing stories in the most positive way helps businesses and organisations increase the bottom line and without teamwork our goals and clients visions would not be achieved – after all, it takes two to tango!

Private: Sarah Fairley

Sarah Fairley delivers an impressively wide suite of digital services to clients of Holyrood PR, the leading public relations agency in Edinburgh. At every stage her focus is on making sure that content shared on blogs, YouTube and social media platforms like Twitter and LinkeIn delivers real business value to clients of the Scottish PR agency.

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