Tech PR Success for Commsworld

Commsworld Enjoys Tech PR Success Thanks to Team of PR Experts

Commsworld Media Coverage

Lighting up Success with Story on Tech Partnership

Commsworld Media Coverage

Commsworld secured its way into the headlines thanks to Tech PR

Tech PR Success for Commsworld

COMMSWORLD’S gigabit capable pure fibre network can now boast the ultra-advanced Fortis Datacentre – and its announcement was a sure fire media success.

The new state-of-the-art and ultra-efficient datacentre is powered entirely by renewable energy sources.

Now, thanks to it joining Commsworld’s ultra-fast pure fibre network, all 2,500 of the Edinburgh firm’s clients can benefit from the datacentre services at a latency performance of one millisecond or less – meaning that there will be no noticeable lag time – and could deliver huge cost and efficiency savings.

Read the original press release in this link:

Our team of PR experts wanted to ensure the story of the key partnership between Commsworld and Fortis was shared across audiences. We achieved:

  • Seven items of media coverage, generating 403,044 opportunities to see.
  • Key national coverage with The Herald, The Scotsman and The National, reaching a vast array of Scotland’s engaged business community.
  • Further online trade coverage on the Daily Business, Scottish Business News Network, and Comms Dealer.
  • Enabled mentions across Linkedin and other social media sites, helping Commsworld share across its network of business connections.

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