Tech PR Photography, Rocket firm launches careers of six graduates after thousands of applicants 2

Rocket firm’s graduates get astronomical coverage

Skyrora Media Coverage

Rocket firm’s graduates get astronomical coverage

Skyrora Media Coverage

SIX NEW HIRES at a Scottish rocket company have had their success showcased with the help of Tech PR experts.

After a gruelling assessment day, Skyrora hired six graduates following applications from thousands.

Our award-winning PR agency shined the spotlight on the successful space candidates in order to highlight their colossal achievements to local, regional, national and specialised media.

Holyrood PR crafted a press release about the successful six, ensuring to display the magnitude of their achievements and the exciting future that lies ahead for Skyrora and its new starts.

We tailored our pitch to gain important coverage in some of Scotland’s most renowned publications as well as industry specific titles.

The release we drafted and pitched about all six graduates gained the following impressive results:

  • 11 items of coverage
  • 468,786 opportunities to see.
  • Featured in the Edinburgh Evening News, The Scotsman and Digit.

Our Tech PR experts didn’t stop there…

Firstly, we recognised the value in telling this story properly. So we used our initiative and wrote six more individual releases on each of Skyrora’s new hires. This time, Holyrood PR tailored our pitches to local media depending on where the new start was from.

By doing this, we were certain we could get Skyrora the maximum media coverage.

One of the sustainable space firm’s new hires, Conor Melens, gained huge media success after we pitched a media release about Conor to his hometown’s media, Inverness.

The results speak for themselves:

  • Frontpage news in The Inverness Courier
  • Spotlight tweet from BBC (Highlands & Islands) to its 33,000+ followers.

Our award-winning PR team yielded local, national and regional coverage as well as important tech publications, relevant to Skyrora.

We not only helped emphasise Skyrora’s prominence in the UK space race but also its commitment to hire diverse STEM graduates from all corners of the country.

You can read the full release here:

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