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Highlanders sweep the headlines with dramatic office moo-ve

Project Work and Other Clients Media Coverage

Highlanders sweep the headlines with dramatic office moo-ve

Project Work and Other Clients Media Coverage

“Remote” office photo stunt is outstanding in the field of tech PR

Tech PR Photography, cowfield office, Finderne Development Trust.

A FED-UP rural community turned to our team of tech PR experts to share their anger and frustration at the poor broadband services blighting families and businesses.

 Staff at Finderne Development Trust likened the connectivity to working in a cow field.

So in an attempt to catch the attention of the Scottish Government’s Broadband Minister Paul Wheelhouse, that’s exactly what they did – setting up an “office” among a herd of longhorn cattle.

Our tech PR experts not only masterminded the eye-catching photographic stunt, we also put it in front of an enormous audience, delivering:


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Most importantly of all the stunt served its purpose and attracted the attention of Paul Wheelhouse, encouraging him to set up a meeting with the Trust within hours – after previous months of trying had yielded nothing but frustration.

Delightful photos of baffled cows looking on as smartly dressed locals sat down at a computer desk in their front were a key element of the campaign. We made sure the pics were accompanied by a compelling media release, fully explaining the grievances of the community. You can read the full, original media release here.

Our tech PR team knew the story along with the comical cow field pictures was one worth sharing with the world, and worked to spread it far and wide, which saw the story get picked up by the Press Association – which ensured it was covered by media outlets in every corner of the UK – including Scotland England, Wales, Ireland and even the Channel Islands.

The abundance of coverage has been valuable for Finderne Development Trust, showcasing the daily struggles of the community to the widest possible audience and attracting widespread support for such rural communities to get more help..

Tech PR Photography of remote office in a rural cow field

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