New Cyber Service To Crackdown On Workplace Attacks

by Alicia Simpson

Friday, August 11th, 2017

Tech PR expert announces launch of new cyber service

UNSUSPECTING workers can now safeguard their email accounts against the potential damage caused by a cyber-attack, thanks to a savvy new security service.

New innovative software, built by the Scottish Business Resilience Centre (SBRC), proactively monitors business email accounts to instantly alert when their passwords have been lost in a data breach.

The service aims to identify quickly when an account has been compromised and give immediate guidance on the steps to take to prevent malicious activity.

It also monitors various websites where hackers commonly post details of stolen usernames and passwords and can search the internet for keywords to help businesses watch what is being said about them online, similar to Google Alerts.

Gerry Grant, Chief Ethical Hacker with the SBRC, said: “Cyber-attacks are taking place at an alarming rate, but the vast majority of these can be easily prevented if caught and responded to as early as possible.

“This new email monitoring service will be extremely useful to businesses as it gives extra assurance that the security of their e-mail accounts is being monitored as part of their wider cyber security response.

“Without intruding on customers’ personal emails, it will help users find out if their password has been breached and details leaked by providing reminders to alert them to a potential problem as quickly as possible. They can then check for any unusual activity and change their password to secure the account before it’s too late.

“This way, even if hackers were to pass on their details to others, the account password will have already been changed, making access impossible for the criminals

“The system is cheap and incredibly easy to use, so we would recommend that organisations take this step to give them that extra piece of mind when it comes to protecting employee email accounts.”

The new software will be available for £5 per user per month, a price the Centre hopes will ensure all Scottish businesses can afford to run the service. This will cover a variety of keywords and an email address for users.

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