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The girls at Holyrood had quite a giggle at this today at possibly the funniest animal ‘photobomb’ we have ever seen!
Picture the scene, you are snorkelling on holiday with your friends and stop to pose for a photo and suddenly a giant stringray mounts you and steals the spotlight!
This is what happened to Brit, Felicity Morse, who posted the image on Twitter which has now gone viral.
Although it may have a very cute face, I’m sure it was a very unsettling experience, which is clear from the girls’ expressions!


Jamie Oliver is expanding his Jamie’s Italian eateries even further within Scotland by making plans to open a restaurant in Aberdeen. Building works have already started on the site, which is set to open in early 2013. Hoping to replicate the success of both the Glasgow and newly opened Edinburgh restaurants I’m sure the Aberdeen site will add a bit of flavour to The Granite City. Never one to pass up a delicious meal I’ll be sure to be checking this out next time I am up north.

FEGGS (Sarah)

Is it just me, or is the concept of a fake egg slightly baffling? According to the website Weird Asian News, people in China have been manufacturing fake eggs made from chemicals and food additives. These spherical phonies can cause memory loss and can be indentified by their consistency – the whites being much thinner and runnier than usual. If you are still worried as to whether or not the eggs you have bought are legit, experts suggest shinning a light through them, as real eggs have natural air holes and therefore ‘glow’ in a way fake eggs do not. All in all, quite bizarre.


Daily Mash offers British satire at its best and of course had plenty to offer after Channel 4’s Drugs Live: Ecstasy Trial!
According to the Daily Mash article government administers confirmed that it’s impossible to say anything about illegal substances without making kids want to inject crack into their Angry Bird toys!
Taken lightly this is a very fun pop at often extremist views which often demonise and blanket recreational drug use!


I was reading this morning that one of the big trends to come out of New York, London and Milan fashion weeks has been transparent handbags. Many women I know openly admit to their bags being mobile dumping grounds so if this does filter down to the high street then we’ll need to clear up our act! Coincidentally, Cadbury’s have conducted a study to find out what women really carry around, which has thrown up some unusual findings, including loo roll and spare knickers! These ladies should probably steer clear of this trend…