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Tattoos are known to be murder but usually in the fist clenching, eye-watering pain sense. One tattoo fanatic proved it could be done in a more literal sense after getting one of TV’s biggest detectives emblazoned across his back – a design which saw him crowned the best Scottish-themed body art at the Scottish Tattoo Convention at the weekend.
John Cuthbert, from Glasgow, got Taggart’s Detective Chief Inspector Jim Taggart alongside Glasgow’s iconic Finnieston crane on his back which fended off competition from Braveheart and caramel wafer tats.
To say he’s a massive fan is a bit of a given and now he’s got the recognition to go with this beast. I saw a girl with a tattoo of a bottle of brain sparkler, Buskfast – what a cracker. The memories of the stuff will stay with her better than memories of any night she’s had knocking it back.


With it being April Fools Day yesterday, there were plenty of organisations looking to pull pranks on the public – Google going as far as to make a full video about a smell search app! If you happened to be in New York on April 1st, and were walking casually along Times Square, you might have been in for a big surprise when everyone was walking backwards. ‘Improv Everywhere’ is a collective group of people who like to ’cause scenes’ as they like to put it, and stage ‘missions’ all over the city. The Times Square mission being one of over 100 pranks or stunts they have pulled. For more information on ‘Improv Everywhere’ check out their website:


I for one spend hours aimlessly surfing the web just looking for…well anything to amuse myself really. Then I stumbled across theuselessweb.com and I’m a little hooked. The poses the question “Take me to another website please” and prepare to click to your little hearts content. Useless websites include http://www.eelslap.com, essentially what it says on the tin, scroll your mouse over the page to slap the poor innocent chap across the puss with a slimy wet eel. Fun huh? Other sites on offer include grandpanoclothes.com and my personal favourite.



So the past couple of years has seen some pretty odd names including Apple and Harper Seven and I am not really one to judge. That was until I saw this list of “11 Geekie Names”. This interesting list, which I’d forgive you for thinking was made up, includes the precious and well thought out names of Like, Hashtag, Bane (yes, as in Batman villain) and my favourite that put a smile on my face, wait for it, @. Yes, simply @ but less exciting after Prince became a symbol all those years ago. So, brighten up your day and have a read at the rest.


PR firms are swarming with emails from folks wanting to make it into the PR world but do you reckon you have what it takes to make the cut? Ooooh hard question but the PR Daily has outline five key markers which will either break you or make you and a spankin’ cup of tea ain’t one of them. Shame, mine are pretty good. Plenty flavour packed into that mug I tell you.