Sunny Delights this Wednesday


Sunny Delights this Wednesday

High Five

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Cult culinary series Man Vs Food has been a raging success on both sides of the Atlantic and after three years of eating his way across America, host Adam Richman has announced his retirement.As a regular viewer of the show, I often wonder how on earth Adam manages to stomach the huge quantities of terrifying food and how he stays (relatively) slim!Although he has hung up his eating pants, his new show Man Vs Food Nation and Adam Richman’s Best Sandwich In America will continue his legacy.Guardian journalist Stuart Heritage interviewed his hero and found out his trade secrets, including how he cleanses after each challenge.​

CATS GO WOOF!? (Aimee)

Displays of animal comedy at it’s best in this clip which shows what appears to be a cat barking like a dog and getting busted! The caught out pet spots the camera, looks away with a look of guilt and quickly resorts to unconvincing meowing! It probably isn’t real but I will carry on with my ignorance!


An unknown Scottish band couldn’t have believed their luck when they were asked to perform for American television. Glasgow four-piece, The Imagineers, were discovered by former rocker Ferguson, who presents The Late Late Show aired by the CBS television network across America. He invited them to play on each of his five nightly shows during a trip to Scotland last month. The US TV channel then paid for the lads to fly to Los Angeles, where they performed on two further editions of the programme. The Imagineers – Steven Young (vocals, rhythm guitar), Scott Bonnyman (lead guitar, vocals), Stephen Forbes (drums) and Ali – admit the exposure has led to thousands of requests on Facebook and “likes” from their new US fans. It is also helping sales of their debut EP See As I Say.


As someone who has only just got to grips with online banking (at the age of 23) the concept of a banking app for kids is quite literally mind-boggling. A free download for iOS devices, Tykoon includes a Chore Chart where parents can create activities for kids to complete in order to earn their allowance. Children are then able to track how much they save on the dashboard and they can then shop in a secure online store, moderated by parents. I understand money management is an important life skill, one that many could do with improving upon, but I still feel childhood is for outdoor, not online, play.


French, Italian and Spanish are known for their romantic, sexy qualities, and now Mandarin is trying to achieve the same association. In an effort to make Mandarin more popular, uses lingerie-clad glamour models to learn the language in an unconventional way. The course’s latest lesson, called Mirror, is conducted by two lingerie-wearing models who discuss their body shapes and diets.  But don’t worry; your teachers are carefully screened before filming. Would-be teachers are asked to submit a full-body photo, as well as any relevant teaching experience. Feminists in China have condemned the website, but the makers claim that they are turning the language, which appears to be intimidating, into something familiar and fun.​