Successful PR In Scotland Is A Wrap For The Yard, Leith

by Raymond Notarangelo

Tuesday, September 1st, 2009

The Yard, Leith in the Evening NewsHolyrood PR PR in Scotland has helped gain valuable media coverage for The Yard, Leith by highlighting its quirky idea to offer customers fish and chips wrapped in newspaper.

Chef Tony Delicata hit on the idea after serving the dish to a friend as a joke.  But another customer saw the meal and asked for the same – prompting others to do likewise and forcing The Yard to put the dish as mainstay on its menu.

As well as getting their freshly-made fish supper served in newspaper – it is wrapped in grease-proof paper to ensure it passes health and safety requirements – customers also get a bottle of traditional brown chippy sauce.

The Evening News liked the story so much that they ran a news story on it.

The Yard has proved a major attraction to customers thanks to a media profile managed by Scottish PR agency Holyrood PR


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