Stephanie fashions a dream new role with NKD Clothing

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Stephanie fashions a dream new role with NKD Clothing

NKD Clothing Blog

Stephanie YappStephanie Yapp has landed a dream job in fashion at NKD Clothing – after beating more than 250 hopefuls to the position.

The 27-year-old has joined the fast-growing corporate couture firm as assistant project manager at arguably the most exciting time in the Edinburgh firm’s history.

Despite the recession, NKD Clothing has continued to win a string of orders to provide stylish and bespoke uniforms to venues across the UK and has also embarked on an ambitious global sales push.

Now Aberdeen University graduate Stephanie will play a vital role in helping the firm gear up for an expected barrage of further orders.

NKD Clothing is renowned for designing corporate clothing people actually like to wear. It has repeatedly proven that designer staff outfits enhance company image and ensure happier, more productive employees.

This has helped it build an impressive client list particularly in the hospitality sector, which include Malmaison, Hotel du Vin and Dakota.

Stephanie, originally from Mid Calder, West Lothian, said: “Most of us have worked in bars, restaurants and hotels at some point in our lives and I worked in a host of places when I was a student.

“Some of them had truly awful outfits and there was many a time I felt like crying when dressing to go to work. The frilly shirt I had to wear at the Beefeater restaurant still haunts me, I felt like a beer-serving wench and hated going to work.

“When I first heard about NKD Clothing I thought of the phrase ‘staff uniforms’ and it brought back bad memories. However, NKD has completely changed my thinking.

“The outfits we design are so chic and fashionable and they make such a difference to the confidence of staff, as well as the corporate image of the company.”

Such was the interest in the job that the agency NKD Clothing employed received more than 250 applications for the post before eventually whittling them down to a final six for interview.

After graduating in politics and sociology, Stephanie trained in media, journalism and marketing and with an interest in creativity and fashion, says the NKD Clothing position is perfect for her.

She added: “I’m not surprised there was considerable interest in the position because, although it’s a cliché, it’s every girl’s dream to work in fashion.

“I’m delighted I managed to beat such tough competition because the more I learned about NKD and the team, the more I wanted the job.

“It’s a really exciting time to have joined NKD Clothing because we’re exploring the opportunity to introduce our brand to a host of potential clients across the globe.”

Gill Eastgate, managing director of NKD Clothing, believes the time was right to bring in someone of Stephanie’s experience.

She said: “With more than 250 applicants it is obvious the role was a popular one but at the same time in the current financial climate you have lots of people looking for jobs that they are not suited to.

“The importance of Stephanie’s role meant we had to get it right and we are delighted that she is on board.

“It is part of our strategic business restructuring to ensure we are ready to maximise the potential for the new business that we hope will be coming our way as a result of our global push.

“We’re also busier than ever in the UK and Stephanie will act as a vital link between management and our staff to make sure both sides know what is happening with each and every piece of work.”