Start Your Week Right With Our Top Five Web Favourites

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Nothing appeals to me more than an advert with talking/dancing animals and Old Spice has nailed it with this new one. Creators at Old Spice have appointed Mr. Wolfdog as the fuzzy face of the Wild body fragrance collection. This furry friend even speaks through an electronic voice collar that translates wolfdog communication into English making it easier for us to understand a little bit better. Even without the translations, who wouldn’t love a wolfdog as your boss? 


We all love a good pranking video, or indeed pranking others, and what better time to scare someone than when they are trying to catch 40 winks. This video showcases the best wake up pranks online, with ideas ranging room extremely dangers to extreme hilarious. There is definitely a few good tips in this to take away if you want to get your own back on someone who has pranked you in the past. 


This 88-year-old granny sure knows how to bust a move! Turning what should be a simple walk to her grandkids car this bopping pensioner grooves and grinds to Dion and the Belmonts 1950’s hit, Runaround Sue. Uploaded to YouTube only four days ago the clip has already racked up over a million views and counting and it’s easy to understand why. Where ever would you witness an almost 90 year old pensioner wiggling her hips and shaking her booty to an old time classic? 


For those of you who took part one of the ‘Are You Human Test’ – here is a link to part 2. I was not aware of part one, so part two was a novel experiences. This quirky online video lists weird human behaviour, asking the viewer to mark down every time something was mentioned which they could relate to. I was surprised at the number of things I did that I thought were, if not unique to me, not as common as they would appear by featuring in the video. Check it out for some reassurance that we could all be fundamentally the same.


A new theory for the origins and purpose of Stonehenge has hit the waves – an ancient rave spot. This completely blasts its previously established purpose as being a Stone Age astronomical calendar or observatory. It seems that the UNESCO World Heritage site was actually flooded with our ancient party goers for mass feasts and was the only time in prehistory that the troops of Britain were unified. I reckon this news in the wrong hands might inspire a new secret rave spot.