Start Of November’s High Five Madness

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Start Of November’s High Five Madness

  BlogHolyrood 5
High Five

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So we are already in the month of November and even although we are in the run up to one of the biggest holidays of the year this month still manages to be busy. As well as bonfire night we have Remembrance Sunday in which we remember the brave soldiers who fought for us WW1. This year the Scottish Poppy Appeal are hoping to raise more money than ever and are doing all they can to promote this worthy cause that is now in its 90th year. Giant poppies have been painted on West Lothian’s pyramids which can be seen from the M8. Check them out on your next commute.


A timely mass exorcism has been held by 100 men and women of the cloth at a screening theatre in London.Film producer Bill Bungay has claimed that strange events have surrounded his new movie When The Lights Went Out. Two screenings of the horror film have been affected by blackouts and Mr Bungay is adamant that this is a result of evil spirits.The film is based on a supposed haunting that was home to director Paul Holden’s aunt in the 1970’s (an era haunted by strikes and power-cuts).I have to say I’m not sure I’m at all convinced, seems to me it’s more like an opportune promotional stunt for Halloween.​


YipYap’s founders, Michael and Angela Smith are the inventors of a mobile phone especially designed for children called Pipsqueek.Pipsqueek is a durable damage proof phone which also acts as MP3 player.Using Bluetooth, a call from a parents phone can be transfered to Pipsqueek so that parents never have to worry about damage to expensive smartphones.The phone is part of a kickstart Scheme in which the Smiths are attempting to raise enough money to get the product out into the market.They also intend to create an app which will ensure that only approved numbers will be allowed to transfer to the child’s phone.Other perks of the phone are that the covers can be changed, there is a toy style charging station, the GPS has a “Wanderer” alertwhich means that if the phone is ove 50 yards away from the parent phone an alert will be sent.I think this is a great invention since I find the way my 3 year old cousin can use an iPhone better than I can rather disconcerting.

WAZE YOU AT? (Sarah)

Finally, an app that actually makes me want to get a smart phone. As someone with the gene for perennial stressing over being late/arriving on time/just getting to where I’m supposed to be, the Waze app seems to be a solution sent from god. This handy app lets you see real-time ETAs for everyone you’re meeting as well as see who has already arrived and parked at your destination. Who knows how well it would work in practice (not me – as this latest revelation is too recent for me to have purchased a smart phone off the back of it) but what it says on the tin looks good to me!​

MOVEMBER 2012 (Victoria)

So it’s that time of year again, when our men folk grow some questionable whiskers in the name of testicular and prostate cancers.Half a million men are expected to fuzz up for Movember this year, after a stellar effort in 2011 raised £22 million.In a very clever PR move, the charity ‘mo-d up’ one of London’s most famous landmarks to launch this year’s hairy month.Londoners enjoyed a new edition to Big Ben this morning – a blue moustache adorning the clock’s face.​