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Squak-Worthy Stories!

Holyrood PR Blog

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Obesity is a world wide problem and new ways to tackle the problem feature in the news daily.  People resort to all sorts of crazy diets to shed the pounds, from consuming cotton buds, to chewing food 30 times, and even injesting tape worms!
Scientists at Tokyo University are currently developing goggles which are designed to trick dieters into losing weight by eating less.
The eyewear digitally enlarges the food in front of you to trick the you into feeling full, whilst retaining the correct proportions of your surroundings.
In a trial, testers ate 10% less cookies when their size was enlarged by 50%.
Somehow I’m not seeing this wacky Japanese invention taking off…



Now, everyone is liable to lose their temper now and again, and the intrusion into your home of an unknown individual is, I think, a widely acceptable reason for a flare up of rage. Whether, on the other hand, it is acceptable to then chase the trespasser down the street while brandishing a fish slice, is probably a matter of personal opinion. When an unknown man came into 24 year old Lee Brodie’s home near Falkirk this week, and began insulting his girlfriend, his reaction was immediate if perhaps slightly ill thought through. Originally accused of carrying a knife Brodie was later cleared of that particular offence, although he did subsequently admit to breaching the peace.  



Now who doesn’t like a gossip every now and then? Personally I think it’s a healthy expression of emotion, people that don’t like to gossip make me uneasy. Guys tend to moan whenever they catch girls gossiping but I know they are definitely not innocent. They tend to do it in a less obvious way and are able to get over new gossip quite quickly whereas women tend to peruse over it for a while. This article is fairly interesting in the fact it states that men are more likely to become closer over gossiping whereas women can get themselves into trouble.  Note to self gossiping about football won’t get you into trouble!



I love a bold set of sneaks and now it seems your meat sticks can look good and function as a mobile phone charge point! 24 year old inventor Anthony Mutua has designed a crystal chip which is set to revolutionise how we charge our phones! The chip cleverly generates energy from pressure as users walk or run with crystal in their shoe! 
Next feat would be a set which charge your ipod!



To capitalise on the hype of new Disney Pixar flick The Brave, the cinema giant has unveiled tailor made holidays to Scotland.
The 9 day trips targeted at families has been organised in partnership with Visit Scotland and will cost a whopping $5000 per head – and does not include flights!
Lucky families will have two dedicated guides, VIP access to various attractions and historical sites, and the chance to try out activities featured in and inspired by the film.
Perhaps one for the Obamas?