Spring has Sprung: Time for your public profile to do the same

by Scott Douglas

Thursday, March 30th, 2017

Why the burgeoning season could be the cue for you to freshen up your marketing – with our range of PR services

PR Services can bring a boost to business imageTHERE’S always a sense of something new and exciting in the air when spring has finally sprung – for your business that could be the first, tender, green shoots of a blossoming media profile.

Look at any successful firm and the chances are that as well as healthy sales, robust profits and motivated staff, they also enjoy a vigorous and vital reputation. This is no coincidence.  In fact, it is almost certainly the case that those businesses have been benefitting from a range of PR services.

You know what we’re talking about here, don’t you? That rival who regularly appears in positive stories in the business press? Whose staff are often heard on radio or TV reports? The firm who always seem to have something interesting or thought-provoking to say on social media?

Isn’t it time you stopped casting envious glances at the opposition and started getting some of that good stuff for yourself? What better time than in the spring, when everything is full of promise, the sap is rising and a sense of renewal and potential is there to be grabbed?

But of course, there’s always a worry. A newborn spring lamb is a shaky-legged and awkward creature at first, every bit as vulnerable as it is cute. Thankfully, when it comes to developing a fresh, new media profile, the team at Holyrood PR will soon have you gambolling happily and confidently.

So what’s the secret to unlocking all this exciting potential? Simple – preparation, planning and a healthy helping of hard work! Here’s how we can help


Headlines for the sake of headlines can be extremely satisfying – but ultimately they may not really help your business.

If you’re not exactly sure how a well-polished media profile would benefit your enterprise, don’t worry because you’re most definitely not alone.

Plenty of business people have a sense (call it gut instinct) that they ‘need’ some sort of profile, but beyond that, the reasoning is a bit fuzzy.

Help is at hand. We’d be delighted to sit down with you, ask the right questions, share examples from other businesses we’ve worked with and guide and navigate the way to clear and beneficial strategy.

This can include an audit of your own media profile, as well as competitor analysis.

Crucially, this process will also help you set achievable goals, so that you can measure success of your PR campaign, so that you see a real and tangible benefit.

Did we mention that we are the only agency in Scotland to have won a Gold Award from the Chartered Institute of Public Relations for our work helping clients to measure and evaluate PR  success? With that confidence booster, you can afford do have a spring in your step.


In every walk of life there are glossy, confident and surefooted individuals who love the spotlight as much as the spotlight loves them.

For the rest of us there is media training 😀

You might never feel entirely comfortable in front of a TV camera, a radio microphone or even a good, old-fashioned reporter’s notebook. But at least with expert media training you’ll be prepared and ready for the challenge.

Crisis Media AlarmCheck out the adrenaline-pumping media training exercise involving Holyrood PR which set out to test how workers at a giant drinks plant would cope during a crisis

Training from PR experts will arm you with confidence-boosting tips, insights and techniques to help you master simple messaging, control an interview and speak with assurance.

However, media training doesn’t stop there.

Our colourful and entertaining packages can also help your staff to understand the workings of the media, to spot stories that will benefit your business and generally to think more creatively and visually in a way that bring even wider business advantages.

That’s why we’ve been asked to provide media training for a wider range of organisations, from major utilities, colleges and blue light services to international defence contractors, public bodies and leading legal firms.

We’d love to discuss ways this might help your business.


Sometimes the key to media success can be as simple as having a basic plan.

That’s why we work with businesses to help them create thoughtful and considered content calendars.

It’s a process that helps you and your team identify milestones that are important for your business, while looking at them in new and interesting ways.

Likewise it can help identify other opportunities, come up with creative solutions for recurring problems.

And all the while it will help build deep knowledge and understanding within your team of your key messages, values and selling points.

At another level it is a lot simpler than that.

A well-planned content calendar gives you structure. Structure gives your team confidence. Confidence wins over clients and customers, by helping to build trust.

Phew – all that from a simple plan, eh?

Of course there’s a catch. It sounds simple and indeed the team at Holyrood PR will make it look simple – but that’s years of practice, experience and expertise right there.

Exactly the kind of practice, experience and expertise we’d like to harness for your business.


Don’t let the joys of spring cause a rush of blood to your head.

While you’ve almost certainly been bombarded with all sorts of claims about the “magic” and “miracles” of social media, treat these with the same suspicion you would for any other  offer that sounds too good to be true. Put simply, don’t believe the hype.

Sadly, most of it is hogwash. There are many people with a vested interest in convincing you that social media will magically transform your fortunes (clue: it won’t). However, that doesn’t mean social media is bad. There are a load of reasons why you should use social media.

It’s a great way to amplify your stories; it is a fantastic way to get customer feedback; it is an outstanding early warning system about potential problems with your products or services.

On top of that it can help make your business more findable, while the likes of Twitter and Facebook can help give a voice to the most important people in your business – the staff.

Put all this together and it might just bring in some new business opportunities as well.

There’s a common misconception about social media: Everyone and anyone can access it, therefore it must be easy and everyone and anyone can instantly become an expert. Wrong.

Everyone in a business can be more confident when there is a clear social media policy in place.

Likewise your team will benefit from having a guiding hand on their shoulder, which is where expert social media training can be hugely advantageous.

Of course, we offer a range of other services – from crisis PR to project managing the planning and delivery of new websites – and whatever your challenge, we can come up with a tailored solution for your business.

While we recommend social media should form part of a 360 degree approach to media (TOP TIP – check out our simple and eye-catching PESO guide for businesses that explains this).

Whichever way you choose to approach social media, we can help you research your niche, identify the kind of content that will earn attention and help you develop a powerful content calendar.

Find out the many way our tried and trusted PR services could help your business to become more profitable while motivating your workforce.

We know we can help your business, because we’ve enjoyed seeing our clients reap the rewards of our PR services across so many sectors.

That also why we are so passionate in our belief that stories are at the heart of every successful business – and when those stories are well told to the right audiences, it helps make those businesses more profitable while helping creating happier workplaces.

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