Special deliveries provides Dumbarton kids with new goalposts

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Dumbarton Riverside FC with their new goalposts

Scotland’s leading independent courier firm has honoured a charity pledge in Dumbarton – by making a special donation to a youth football club.

Eagle Couriers has provided Dumbarton Riverside Community FC with a brand new set of practice goalposts, after the club was chosen as the lucky recipient of one of its “special deliveries”.

Under the charity scheme, which was launched at the end of 2008, community groups and small charities in Dumbarton were encouraged to apply to Eagle Couriers and explain what gift they would need to improve their work in their local area.

The initiative was open to groups that do not usually receive funding from major charities such as the National Lottery, with Eagle promising to pay for and deliver whatever the winning applicant had asked for.

And now, after receiving requests from community groups across the region, the firm has decided to lend its support to the Dumbarton football club.

The “special delivery” has seen Eagle Couriers donate a new set of fold-away goalposts for the club, which they need to allow their teams of young players to practice.

Jerry Stewart, one of Eagle Couriers’ directors, said: “We had a lot of requests from community groups, projects and charities across Dumbarton for a special delivery. Many were asking for funding and equipment to help with their work, and we could have chosen any one of them.

“Every request we received was for a worthy cause, so it was a very difficult decision to pick a winner and we are grateful for the great response we had for this scheme.

“However, we were really impressed with the Dumbarton Riverside football club. They provide a great service to young people in the area and highlight the need for children to keep healthy and active, which is a very important message these days.

“The club helps coach youngsters between the ages of five and nine, and they do a remarkable job. However, they currently share one set of goalposts between their four teams during their training sessions, which means that many of these young players have to miss out.

“Hopefully by delivering these new goalposts, we will have helped the club continue to carry out their work in Dumbarton and their vision to keep young people in the area interested in sport.

“Who knows – maybe they will help to provide a platform for some of the stars of the SPL in the future.”

Eagle Couriers employs 100 people between Edinburgh and Glasgow and regularly delivers medical equipment and sensitive data across Dumbarton for clients including the NHS, BT and the Scottish Government.