Social media and PR expert Scott Douglas co-hosts Episode 5 of QND podcast


Social media and PR expert Scott Douglas co-hosts Episode 5 of QND podcast


Welcome to QND episode 5, with your hosts, Scottish PR expert Scott Douglas and renowned journalist Shaun Milne.

In this week’s episode of the popular podcast dedicated to journalism, social media and public relations in Scotland, the pair interview special guest Jerry Ward, the manageing director of media monitoring agency, Press Data.

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In a packed show, the pair discuss the announement by Johnston Press – owners of The Scotsman – that it intends to start experimenting with pay walls on six of its 300 UK newspaper titles.

The hosts also discuss The Sun newspapers hilarious new YouTube viral ad for its potential iPhone-killer handheld news delivery device. See the video here:

Shaun gives a mention in dispatches to Fleet Street veteran Michael Binyon, writing his final piece for The Thunderer after 38 years with the paper

As one success stories steps into well-deserved retirement, another rising star emerges. Scott and Shaun discuss the case of Hayley Parker, who made it from trainee reporter to newspaper editor in just three years.

The conversation then turns to the old question on journalistic practice – and whether it is right or relevant to include the age of someone who is the subject of an article.

Shaun then opens discussion on Telegraph editor Will Lewis’ move “upstairs” to head the newspaper’s “Euston Project” to increase its digital reach and share.

Scott brings up another digital news breakthrough – with the launch of a new initiative to connect citizen journalists with the broadcasters and online news media which may use their footage. Both Scott and Shaun welcome the launch of YouTube Direct.

Another video development is highlighted by Shaun – the advent of “BubbleTweet” which allows Twitter fans to insert short video into their profiles.

Continuing on the Twitter theme, Scott and Shaun discuss a story which reports that “Twitter” was the most used word in the English language in 2009 – outstripping even “Obama”.

The QND hosts then introduce an interview with special guest JERRY WARD, the managing director of media monitoring specialist, Press Data.

After the interview, Scott and Shaun continue discussing an issue raised with Jerry Ward – whether a recent Facebook stunt by the Ikea store in Malmo, Sweden could be considered a success. The pair were surprised to find that a video related to the stunt had been pulled from YouTube by the creative agency involved.

However, at the time of creating these shownotes, the video had been returned to YouTube, this time with different music:

Scott also introduced another Swedish-related success story – a highly engaging, entertaining and interactive video stunt to thank Swedes for paying their TV licensing fees.

Regular contributor Craig McGill was introduced with his weekly “Gamechanger” slot

Shaun signed off by flagging up that blogger, social media commentator and journalism lecturer Paul Bradshaw will be among those making submissions to the Government’s Culture, Media and Sport committee on the future of the media.