PR Scotland photography features Rosa Bevan at her O'Noth farm as she is featured with her partner in Scottish Land Commissions MyLand.Scot campaign

Social media farmers get a field of coverage

Scottish Land Commission Media Coverage

Social media farmers get a field of coverage

Scottish Land Commission Media Coverage

From podcast to print: Story spotting sees sustainability get the spotlight

Scottish PR agency, success post visual for farmers at Tap O Noth story for Scottish Land Commission

When two social savvy farmers enjoyed their 10th year of Aberdeen-shire farm life, our Scottish PR agency was on hand to tell the incredible eco-friendly story.

Rosa and James are first generation farmers at Tap O’ Noth farm in Aberdeenshire. The couple capture life at their farm and share it to their 19,000 YouTube subscribers in a bid to inspire future generations of farmers.

The duo featured on the Scottish Land Commission’s MyLand.Scot online initiative so our Scottish PR agency did some digging to adapt the story into a press release to double down on the media success.

By listening to one of the Scottish Land Commission’s ‘The Lay of the Land’ podcast episodes with the Tap O’ Noth couple, we were able to spot that they were celebrating their 10th anniversary at the Aberdeenshire farm – so we got to work in drafting a story.

We listened closely to the podcast and adapted the couple’s tales into a media release which was set for stardom.

We issued the story across a number of different media types and the results spoke for themselves:

By spreading the news across the country, awareness was raised for the Scottish Land Commission and its MyLand.Scot initiative. The story also got the first-generation farmers brilliant exposure in the media.

By consistently garnering coverage like this for the topic of land use and ownership around the country, our Scottish PR agency are helping the Scottish Land Commission place themselves at the core of the land debate in Scotland.

To read the original story, visit:

YouTube couple put 10 years of Aberdeenshire farm life in the frame

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