Toddlers Brighten Up St Andrews Court

Bield Housing And Care Media Coverage

Toddlers Brighten Up St Andrews Court

Bield Housing And Care Media Coverage

Youthful exchange brings smiles – and positive PR for care project.

bud blossoms

TINY tots have been visiting older people in care as part of an innovative project to help keep both generations active, social care PR.

Housing and care specialist Bield is leading the way in innovation after coming up with another novel way to enhance the lives of its service users.

Care Industry News reported on ‘Buds Blossoms’ – a new project developed at St Andrews Court which brings together generations on both ends of the spectrum thanks to a local mothers and toddlers group.

Once a week, six children aged two to five  visit St Andrews Court to interact with all eight residents who live at the service.

Care home manager at St Andrews Court, Helen Macleod said “I have learnt many things over the years, one thing I know is cute little toddlers bring smiles to the residents faces, along with cake.

“We contacted Uphall playgroup asking if they were interested in our idea. They were really keen to get involved as a few of the children didn’t have any grandparents.

“The children love playing with our residents, and the residents enjoy a fresh faced little one chatting away to them.  We believe this project gives the residents something to look forward to in their week. Also, it creates a structure to their week. The more they have planned the more enjoyable life is for them.

Brian Logan, Chief Executive at Bield said “We are delighted that this project is doing so well.

“I am glad to see something so little, can make such an impact. A fine example of how the littlest of things, in this case the toddlers, can make a huge difference.

“A big thank you to the nursery staff and parents for jumping on bored and allowing the Buds Blossoms to be such as success.”

The Buds Blossoms project has refreshed St Andrews Court and this project is encouraging family members, local churches and volunteers to get involved with the young children and the residents. This is all in a push to increase community involvement throughout Scotland.

The full coverage can be viewed on the Care Industry News Website and was secured on behalf of Bield thanks to a proactive media relations campaign by Scottish PR agency Holyrood PR, experts in providing PR services to the care sector

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