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Hit TV Show Inspires Care Home To Relive Special Moments

Bield Housing And Care Media Coverage

Hit TV Show Inspires Care Home To Relive Special Moments

Bield Housing And Care Media Coverage

Reliving the Past for PR Scotland.

Scottish PR agency helps guide Bield through challenging times as it's faced with closures in the face of financial constraints.

RESIDENTS at Bield managed St Andrews Court Care Home were the star of the show when they featured in the West Lothian Courier after recreating famous scenes from TV show ‘This Is You Life‘. Social Care PR

The development of this innovative service came as a method of helping residents with dementia to relive treasured moments from their past.

Friends, family and care volunteers joined in with the efforts to create a version of the Big Red Book made famous by Eamonn Andrews and Michael Aspelin the long running series.

For those with dementia memories can be fleeting and short lived. But receiving their own albums documenting their lives, they can enjoy these memories time and time again in spite of their illness.

Helen McLeod, Manager of Bield’s St Andrews Court Care House in Uphall, West Lothian, said: “The residents love talking about the things they’ve put in the book, because it transports them back to those happy and familiar times, prompting their memory as and when it needs it.”

“The project is still in its infancy, but so far it seems as if this therapy is really helping them, not only to relive the memories they have a firm grasp of, but to rediscover memories that have momentarily, or more permanently, slipped away.”

All eight of the residents in the program have been responding well to the treatment, and one resident who has hugely benefited from the scheme is Nancy McKeever, 80, who has lived at St Andrews Court since 2006.

Nancy’s son Tony McKeever, 49, said: “The This Is Your Life project is fantastic as it gives everyone in the family, as well as my mum, the opportunity to find out a bit more about our family history.

“When we were coming up with stories to put in the book mum’s brother, Reggie, was telling me stories I had never even heard of! It was so uplifting to hear about my mum as a young woman, and it made me feel both proud and sad not to have known her then.”

The full coverage appeared in the West Lothian Courier and was achieved on behalf of Bield thanks to a PR in Scotland campaign with Holyrood PR.

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