Social care PR photography, Bield digital success graphic.

Social care PR experts don their creative party hats for housing providers anniversary

Bield Housing And Care Media Coverage

Social care PR experts don their creative party hats for housing providers anniversary

Bield Housing And Care Media Coverage

Thinking outside the box is walk in the park for Social Care PR experts

Social care PR photography, Bield digital success graphic.

THE team of Social Care PR experts at Holyrood PR were delighted to pull out all the stops to make Bield’s 50th Anniversary of operating in the sector a success – whilst putting their creative skills to go use.

Unfortunately, celebrations couldn’t be planed quite like the housing provider has hoped, so Bield looked to Holyrood PR to create buzz and a special occasion virtually, with more celebrations to come throughout the year.

Holyrood PR helped Bield host a logo competition on social media where people were encouraged to enter and be in with the chance of winning a voucher. We followed this up with a regional media list to engage people in every local area in Scotland in which Bield operates in. We then followed this up with a media release announcing the winner and why their design was selected for local press where the individual was from.

The logo competition was further amplified with several posts on social media driving 20 direct entries from the digital platforms alone.

The traditional media coverage drove the following highlights:

From the outset we looked to engage with customers and those involved with the housing provider across a variety of platforms due to the audience being wide spread across location and ages. This meant out campaign was heavily integrated to tap into each of the different audiences.

Some other creative ideas Social Care PR experts came up with include:

Share Your Memories

On social media, we encouraged people to share their memories of Bield, which uncovered a story about Still Game stars visiting a development in Glasgow when they were filming nearby, which went onto make a significant feature in Bield’s newsletter.

This story wouldn’t have been identified without our creative outreach on social media.

Birthday Cake Competition  

The team also came up with the idea of a birthday cake competition to get people engaged with the additional benefit of being in with the chance to win a voucher. Since baking was a huge trend over lockdown, we thought it was the perfect way to get people to take part.

Our team created the recipe and made a graphic to accompany, publishing this across social media encouraging members of the public to get involved by making a Victoria Sponge.

The competition took off on social media and resulted in a host of creative entries – with one even incorporating the slogan ‘Free to Be’.

By utilising an integrated approach, our social care PR team shared Bield’s celebrations with a diverse audience and encouraged people to get involved in a fun and interactive way.

Using creative PR was extremely important during this campaign as it is a major milestone taking place amid Covid-19 restrictions.

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