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For anyone lamenting the loss of Gangnam Style as an imitate-able internet craze (due to the fact it is quite clearly no longer new) can breathe a sig of relief – the Harlem Shake is here. Despite not being accompanied by an original track likely to form part of your weekend soundtrack, this hilarious YouTube clip shows this new craze in its full glory. We fully expect imitation videos to pop up over the next few days and weeks. Why not give it a go in your office?​


Wow to say I’m excited is an understatement. As I toddle on with my diet, I dream of one day being able to wear a skin tight dress, you know like the ones Rihanna wears. Well if I continue to lose the pounds I could actually get to wear a dress of hers as she is collaborating with high street fashion retailer River Island on her first collection. To be debuted at London fashion week which starts on the 15th of Feb, I am excited to see the different pieces she has created and hopefully they will not just  be for skinny minnies.


Normally when I read some food or drink is bad for my health, the next day I will read that is it good for me. But when it comes to fizzy drinks I thought most people would be aware that you can’t just drink litre after litre and expect no harm to be done.However, I never considered that it could actually kill someone. A mother-to-eight from New Zealand is believed to have drank two gallons of coca-cola a day. She died of a heart attack and tests ruled that her fizzy drink addiction played a “substantial factor” in her death. Scary stuff. So next time your at the shop and are deciding what to drink, I’d suggest sticking to good old fashioned water.​


Ever been let down by cupid before? Had a hot date organised but been cancelled on with no phone call? Well now has launched this year’s must-have in time for Valentine’s Day.You can now recoup the cost of dating via’s “Cupid Protected Date Insurance”.By opting in to this policy you can claim against “Shoddy Conversation, Chivalry Failure, Dodgy Dress Sense” and a whole host of other dating don’ts.This is a very clever social media campaign for the Valentine’s season, and they are also asking people to tweet them with the #myworst date – what is yours?​


We’ve all heard the morbid tales about crimes of passion involving the removal of swingin’ genitalia.Still a shocker but not as shocking as almost killing yourself at the expense of your deadly scheme. A Brazilian woman tried to kill her husband by putting poison in her vagina. But of course the poison soaked in and if it hadn’t been for her dear husband rushing her to the hospital she’d have found herself on a morgue slab and possibly an entry into the Darwin Awards. What a total melon head.Good news though as he is planning on sueing that shrew. Although I wonder what he’d done to ignite complete madness.