Dundee Craft Store Keeps Cosy and Lowers Energy Cost

by Ainsley Piggott

Monday, March 27th, 2017

Roddy and Leona pose for Edinburgh PR story

A DUNDEE yarn and wool shop is encouraging other small firms to seize the chance to cosy up while turning the heat down on their energy bills.

Independent yarn and craft shop Fluph, on Blackness Road, is now looking forward to saving hundreds of pounds a year and improving cash flow after a visit from an ‘energy doctor’ provided a range of top tips on cutting down energy costs – including getting a smart meter.

Many small businesses like Fluph struggle to keep a good balance between what they spend on energy to run their premises and providing a comfortable environment for staff and customers.

But with the help of a smart meter, business owners can ensure their gas and electricity costs are being tightly monitored.

Energy consultant, Roddy Hamilton from The Carbon Trust, provided his tips for energy saving, such as getting a smart meter installed, as well as making some tailored suggestions to help Fluph reduce unnecessary costs, while keeping visitors nice and snug.

Roddy Hamilton suggested that people often underestimate the difference the little things can make.

Similarly advancements in lighting can also add up to substantial savings. LED lights not only run on a fraction of the cost of older bulbs, like fluorescent tubes, but they can also provide a much softer and more pleasant light.

Fluph owner Leona-Jayne Kelly said she is keen to ensure the comfort of her customers and staff without compromising on costs or energy efficiency.

Leona said: “For a small business like mine, little amounts can make a huge difference to cash flow every month.

“Getting a smart meter will be a huge help in keeping tabs on my energy consumption and the visit from Roddy has been a great help in starting to consider the other ways in which I can make savings.”

You can view the full gallery of great PR snaps when the energy doctor visited Fluph. Roddy Hamilton gave tips and tricks on how Fluph owner Leona-Jayne Kelly could reduce unnecessary energy costs. 

Many small businesses (with fewer than 10 employees) are eligible for an upgrade to a smart meter from their energy supplier. They provide accurate readings directly to suppliers, bringing an end to estimated bills, and show customers what they are spending in pounds and pence, in near real time, ultimately allowing people to manage their energy costs better.

The Carbon Trust is an independent, expert partner of leading organisations around the world, helping them contribute to and benefit from a more sustainable future through carbon reduction, resource efficiency strategies and commercialising low carbon technologies.

Roddy Hamilton added: “When you have the right information and you pay attention to it, it’s simple to find ways to take control of your energy use. Many microbusinesses feel they can’t make energy efficiencies, because they think they have to invest lots of money into new equipment to make a dent.

“But with the help of a smart meter, it’s easy to identify what is using the most energy, at what times, and take action – big or small – to cut down. Every penny saved on energy is a penny saved on the bottom line.”

John MacNeil, Head of Policy and Communications Scotland at Smart Energy GB, said: “As Roddy has shown, knowledge is power when it comes to saving energy. It can be hard for business owners to know where to start when they want to cut their energy costs – especially when they can’t see how much they’re using, and at what times.

“Many small businesses are eligible for an upgrade to a smart meter from their energy supplier. They will give small businesses, firstly, confidence that they are only paying for what they use – and won’t get any unexpected bills at the end of the year. And secondly, the visibility they need to make changes to the way they use energy. Contact your energy supplier about getting a smart meter installed.”

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