Sky Staff Help Do Their Bit For The Environment

Thames Water Press releases

Sky Staff Help Do Their Bit For The Environment

Thames Water Press releases
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Hundreds of employees at Sky’s Livingston and Dunfermline sites got involved this week when experts from Thames Water Commercial Services joined Sky in raising awareness of water sustainability issues as part of World Water Week.

Employees were encouraged to “do their bit for the environment” and make a water savings pledge to help save water in the office and at home.

To help them do their bit, Thames gave out water-saving freebies including shower timers, tap aerators and ‘save a flush bags’. Thames Water Commercial Services was appointed Sky’s water provider in July 2013.

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Sky’s water awareness campaign is all part of the Company’s drive to engage staff in important environmental issues, and keep it on track to meet its water consumption target. Sky’s water target forms part of its 10 bold environmental commitments through to 2020 which include cutting its emissions by 50% relative to revenue and to source 20% of its energy from owned or controlled renewable sources.

Precious Commodity

Graham Southall, Managing Director of Thames Water Commercial Services, said: “Water is a precious commodity and, although we live in a part of the world where this isn’t an everyday concern, we all still have a part to play in preserving our natural resources.

“When Sky switched to Thames last year, they not only wanted to save money but also wanted us to support them in engaging employees on environmental issues.

“We work closely to develop long lasting partnerships with our clients. With our understanding of their businesses and the water they use, we can make even greater savings together.

“This is just one way we go above and beyond the delivery of our core service. Sky, as well as many other businesses in Scotland, are realising the advantages of switching in a competitive market in order to gain better customer service, a partnership approach and cost savings of up to 20% on their annual water bill.”

Graham added that the employee sustainability days are only one of a number of additional services offered by Thames Water Commercial Services.

Thames came to Sky’s Dunfermline site on the 1st September and Livingston on the 2nd September to speak to staff.

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Carbon Neutral

Fiona Ball, Head of Responsible Business at Sky, said: “As the first media company to go carbon neutral, we are constantly looking to improve our environmental performance.  Raising awareness of water usage and how all our people can reduce consumption both at home and at work goes a long way to help us do this.  We are absolutely delighted to have Thames Water support our campaign.”

Since 2008, businesses in Scotland have had the ability to choose their supplier for water and wastewater services.

Thames Water Commercial Services has recently opened a Scottish base in Edinburgh as part of its drive to provide companies and organisations with a cost-effective, tailored solution for their water and wastewater needs; as well as offering expert advice to save water and money.

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