Sick Kids Hospital Receives £25k Donation For Life Saving Equipment

Edinburgh Children's Hospital Charity Press releases

Sick Kids Hospital Receives £25k Donation For Life Saving Equipment

Edinburgh Children's Hospital Charity Press releases


The Sick Kids Children’s Hospital has received more than £25,000 funding to purchase essential equipment that will support the training and development of doctors, all thanks to a much loved charity.

The Sick Kids Friends Foundation donated £25,072.19 to the Edinburgh based hospital to assist in updating its current provision of manikins for crucial training sessions.

The manikins are used for Simulation Training (SIM) to prepare doctors for life threatening situations and help replicate realistic scenarios to improve patient care and prevent unnecessary risks that could arise in an uncontrolled environment. This will allow the hospital to continue to facilitate the best possible learning and teaching environment and provide the highest quality patient experience and clinical outcome.

Roslyn Neely, CEO of the Sick Kids Friends Foundation, said: “We were very pleased to be able to help fund the new manikins for the Sick Kids Hospital and help improve the training sessions that doctors require to gain further expert knowledge in their field.

“As a result of the grants provided by the SKFF, children and young people’s lives are less interrupted by illness; they are less scared of hospital and have a positive experience. This is just one of the ways in which we achieve this.”

Dr Edward Doyle, Medical Director for Women’s and Children’s Services, NHS Lothian, said: “We are grateful to the Sick Kids Friends Foundation for their support. These mannequins will help improve patient care by playing a vital role in training. They will help us to ensure our clinicians and nursing staff are prepared for even the most testing scenarios. DSC_4368


“They are vital pieces of equipment and with them, we can create situations that put all of the staffs’ skills to the test while they remain in a safe and educational environment. It means that when a real-life situation does occur, they will be prepared and have the ability to deal with it effectively and calmly.”

Last year, the SKFF awarded grants to enhance nine areas of the Royal Hospital for Sick Children, including the bereavement suite and A&E waiting rooms. There were 48 grants awarded for comforts which included toys, technology such as DVD players or iPads, arts & crafts and the Beads of Courage programme. In addition, almost 20 pieces of equipment to improve the care of children were funded.

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