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Shufty Over Our Mid Week Links

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MTV Made of imagination

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Creater of Boooooom blog, Jeff Hamada, has collaborated with MTV and Sony Xperia to launch a project which invites competitors to build home-made instruments and you should see some of the mental specimens entered so far!
If you haven’t tapped into Boooooom blog before use this as an excuse to do so. Water melon pianos, cheese grating sounds and a guitar made from a toaster is just a taster for what’s in store for the Made of Imagination project!
Find out more in the blog here: 
Also check out some of the outlandish instruments also entered on the MTV site.


Instagram seems to be the most popular photo sharing app available, with people being able to not only see what their friends are sharing, but also see what celebrities are sharing. Instagram hit its highest peak when it was bought over by Facebook, and this has spurred on design firm Design 2 Matter, to look to create a wireless digital photo frame that updates your Instagram feed. In keeping with the Instagram logo, the Poloroid Onestep themed gadget measures 7.5×7.5×2.5in and is designed specifically for displaying Instagram snaps and interacting with the app’s feeds.
The only downside just now is that this product is only available for pre-orders, as they are still seeking some investment to create this product. I hope this product gets its investment as I feel this could be a great gadget to have, as long as it is not ridiculously over-priced.


An app launched in 2010 by Israel-based startup, Willook, is offering Facebook users a chance at world fame on the condition that they must be the app’s first user to die.The aptly named ‘If I Die’ app already gives users the option of leaving tailored messages to their loved ones once they die, and the newly launched campaign means that the app’s first participant to die, after a buffer period of a few months, will have their message shared with the If I Die app community and media outlets. Willook invested into real word uses of the app, doing market research in old age homes and hospitals – so as bizarre as this concept sounds, it is not without foundation. Personally I can’t imagine writing a message to be delivered to anyone on my death, but maybe in a few years it will be up alongside ‘write my will’ on my to do list.


If you’re fed up with your life and have a spare couple of million pounds kicking about, then why not go on eBay, and buy a new one?! This story’s about Shane Butcher, of Tampa, Florida, who is putting his entire life up for sale on eBay. He plans to use the money to go travelling with his wife before returning to Florida to set up a new enterprise. Included in his offer are: his chain of computer game shops, two waterfront homes, three supercars, and even his pet dog. The offer has already racked up more than 45,000 hits on the popular auction website. Despite his 100 per cent positive feedback on the site, there have not yet been any bids for Mr Butcher’s American Dream.

BAD DOG! (Victoria)

The latest Tumblr blog to go viral is ‘Dogshaming’ where dog owners can get revenge on their pooches who have chewed up their shoes or pooped in the kitchen.
‘Dogshaming’ was launched a week ago and has been inundated with people submitting photos of their canine criminals next to a sign explaining their naughty behaviour.
The first entry was of an underwear eating sausage dog which has been followed up by a Labrador that barks at his bottom every time he farts, and a pug that eats it’s own sick.
Anyone who knows me knows that I am pretty much obsessed with dogs so I LOVE THIS.