Shrove Tuesday’s Tasty Top Web Stories

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Global eatery Pizza Hut has launched a fragrance in time for Valentine’s Day, imaginatively called, ‘Eau de Pizza Hut.’
It was developed for the Canadian market last year after a suggestion posted on its Facebook page and will now be launched in the US.
The scent apparently has ‘top notes of freshly baked, hand-tossed dough’ and the official press release states that, “Eau de Pizza Hut is one of the most sought after and rarest of scents.”
No strangers to Valentine’s promotions, last year the firm introduced a $10,010 Valentine’s engagement package that included a limo, a ring, a fireworks show and pizza of course!


Love the feeling you get while drinking your favourite fruit juice? Ever wished that you could wear that feeling? Well now you can as Tropicana launch its new low calorie fruit drink and a fashion line to go with it.
Trop50 has half the calories and sugar of regular Tropicana, appealing to the health conscious crowd. The PepsiCo Company has teamed up with Richard Nicoll to raise money for Fashion Targets Breast Cancer by designing a rather in your face tropical tapestry.
If you think you would like to see the beauty hanging in your wardrobe and have a spare £555 then check out this link!

THE WOMEN OF WW2 (Aoibhínn)

With all of this Valentine’s chat over the past few days, I’ve decided to channel my feminist side. I came across some pictures of women at work during WW2 which were taken by Alfred T. Palmer for the Office of War Information. The OWI was responsible for releasing war news, recruiting women to work and promoting patriotism. Snapping back to the 21st century, Dave Hall pursues his passion for vintage photography and passion for World War II history by colouring and bringing back to life old photos from that period as well as many others. The pictures are inspirational and a testament to the women of that era who were instrumental to the success of the USA in WW2. These shots look as if they were taken today and make us see them in a whole new light.​


If you are a big fan of Pancake Day, otherwise known as Shrove Tuesday then these events might be for you. Whether you are on a day off or away for the half term break in London, it might be worth checking out politicians taking part in the Parliamentary Pancake race or if eating them is more your thing, why not try ‘Hack the Stack’ at the Diner which is offering an array of American inspired flavours including peanut butter and jelly with cream. Why it’s even free to anyone that can eat all five flavours in a half an hour sitting.

CAN AIR (Aimee)

Best way to help raise awareness to intercity pollution levels? Can a puff of that dirty oxygen and nitrogen substance and sell it to the crowds. 
Chinese entrepreneur, Guangbiao Chen, launched the new shiny canned stuff for that exact reason.
It comes in a host of deliciously dusty flavours including pristine Tibet, post-industrial Taiwan and revolutionary Yan’an.
Not sure what the score is when you pop the ring pull open and I’ll probably never find out but if you do venture to the East – bring me back a can. Post-industrial Taiwan being my first choice.