Shake Up Your Monday With Our High Fives

Holyrood PR BlogHolyrood 5

Shake Up Your Monday With Our High Fives

Holyrood PR BlogHolyrood 5

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I don’t really need to say much following this title because it is exactly as it sounds – dogs strapped up in a pair of pantyhose. It’s the latest craze to hit China – no surprise there – but between the hysterics and confusion you find yourself scratchin’ your knapper thinking how the hell did this kick-off? The owner of a couple of golden retrievers seem to have decided tights aren’t enough, these two would look banging with a set of heels on and actually they don’t look that fazed by it so who are we to judge. 


It seems to be a new trend in coffee shops that just giving someone a simple latte or cappuccino is just not good enough. The shops are now looking into decorating the drink with quirky pictures or stencils on top of their drinks, and to be honest, it does look nice and you feel a lot more time and effort has gone into it, instead of just having a rushed job. However, this man seems to be taking coffee art to the next level and using the frothy topping as his canvas, and as he claims, he manipulates the coffee. He is definitely one to check out and who knows, we might be seeing more of these in our coffee shops. 


Between the release of blockbuster movie G.I. Joe and more seriously the constant reports about North Korea and Kim Jong Un’s plans to launch an attack, the topic of nuclear warfare is on the tip of everyone’s tongues lately. Unfortunately, a nuclear attack is a very real threat in this day and age but the question is – if a nuclear attack does happen, how will we survive? And that’s where the folks from wikihow enter the scenario with their detailed tips on how to survive a nuclear attack from preparing in advance to what to do when an attack is imminent. I honestly thought this was rather humorous to begin with but now…well, have a read and come to your own conclusion.


As it is a Monday and most of us wish the weekend was just that bit longer, I wanted to find something that would give me a good chuckle. What better than celebs without teeth? I know it’s immature but it will definitely have you giggling as the wonder of photoshop turns “perfect” celebs into more gummy looking individuals. From Beyonce to One Direction, this list has them all. So if you need to perk up a little bit this chilly Monday, then click the link and have a good laugh.


The latest in the WikiLeaks saga relates to the release of the “Kissinger Cables” – rather than the legal issues founder Julian Assange is embroiled in. The collection is a set of 1.7 million U.S. diplomatic records, dating from 1973 to 1976. The name is derived from the fact that 205,901 of the records included relate to former U.S. Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger. The Kissinger Cables contain around 700 million words, making it five times as large as Cablegate — WikiLeaks’ release of more than 250,000 U.S. diplomatic cables in November 2010. For more on this click the link below.