Sexy Deals to Make the Mouth Water – Holyrood PR’s Review of the Headlines


Sexy Deals to Make the Mouth Water – Holyrood PR’s Review of the Headlines

S&M products at Ann Summers

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So imitation is the greatest form of flattery – except if you are Marks and Spencer.

The High Street giant has taken exception to their ‘this is any M&S meal deal’ being hijacked by the saucy sex shop Ann Summers, who are promoting a ‘S&M Squeal Deal’.

Instead of a nice bit of breast and chocolate pudding, the Ann Summers deal gives you as a  ‘main’, a “temptation piece of erotic bedroom lingerie”, accompanied by a “side” of “attractive and discreet bullet sex toys” followed by your pick from a “range of flavoured and lickable [word removed to protect readers of a sensitive disposition]”.

Sadly M&S Boss Marc Bollard got his (French) knickers in a twist and called in his briefs to take legal action to stop the kinky deal. Who’s the PR winner – you decide?


The phenomenon that is Facebook has helped transform the way we keep in touch, the media and even the way businesses interact with customers. It has also Influenced the creation of a second stock market.

So, you work for a promising tech startup which makes no money? No problem! These new markets can still turn you into an instant millionaire. Bonkers.


It’s difficult not to admire the crazy Americans that come up with ideas for new sports. After all, these are the sort of people who looked at the Harry Potter books and thought “you know what? That thing on the broomsticks could be a bit of a laugh”.

Now, they’ve come up with Kronum – an extreme sport that looks like an unholy mash-up between basketball, football, quidditch and gaelic football. While undeniably being an action-packed game for highly athletic players, it also looks like one of the most insane pastimes ever.

The game’s inventors are currently targeting social media and internet communities to promote Kronum and are touting it as the next big spectator sport. Good for them, but I can’t see many Scottish football fans choosing this lunacy over the beautiful game just yet…


These incredible images taken by National Geographic photographer Jimmy Chin show the extreme sports of free climbing and base jumping which have become popular at Yosemite National Park in America.

Free climbing is where climbers scale extreme peaks with no safety rope or equipment to catch them if they fall and base jumping involves launching yourself from a relatively low height and only releasing the parachute when you are a few metres from the ground – definitely not for the faint hearted.

Whilst they may seem crazy the sports make for some great photography as Chin’s sublime images show. Chin explains that these extreme sports are unlike others because they are not performed in an arena in front of an audience of thousand and his images allow him to capture the unbelievable feats these sportsmen are achieving and tell their story.

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This is an advert for X Box that was banned a few years ago and it’s not the only one by the company that didn’t make the cut. This is a brilliant video although I can understand why it didn’t broadcast, no matter how good an idea it is for a flash mob.

Of course there are other companies who have tested the boundaries of advertising – just typing in ‘banned adverts’ into YouTube brings up a whole host of goodies – from companies including Levis, Nike and Budweiser – that were deemed unsuitable for mainstream and wider viewing.