Sexy PR – Good Vibrations for Reactec with campaign success

by Raymond Notarangelo

Thursday, August 14th, 2014

Scottish PR Agency delivered plenty of buzz for safety specialists

13-JAN-Sexy-PR-LogoWelcome to our guide on how any businesses can be sexy enough for PR success,  even if their work is not particularly glamorous. This case study shows how our PR and media relations put a new vibration safety product in front of the right eyes.



HAVmeter win by holyrood pr

WHEN businesses want to grow they listen carefully to what the sales team are telling them. 

At Reactec the sales staff were saying they simply couldn’t get through the doors to access the executives they needed to speak with.

There were a number of challenges.  Their vibration safety product was complex, techy and would cost companies money. But the biggest hurdle the salespeople reported was that nobody knew the Reactec name, which made clinching vital appointments all but impossible.

So they called in our public relations agency in Edinburgh, Scotland, to help them build awareness of the Reactiec and HAVmeter names.

And we delivered a campaign that saw HAVmeter linked with the pizzazz of a Premiership football club, associacted with luxury car brands and heaped with praise from the people who look after the nation’s best-loved historic buildings.

Did we mention that we also generated almost 170 significant items of media coverage across all the target media – which resulted in the sales team reporting a dramatic change in fortunes when it came to booking meetings?

To find out how we did that, simply read on.


 This post is part of our series to demonstrate how any business can be sexy enough for PR success – even when the people inside that business don’t believe they have interesting stories to tell.

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Success came because we remained true to our mantra: we don’t see complex issues, dry subject matter, technical detail or industry jargon – we see potential stories that real people can relate to.

Everton FC club badge

We realised that a wide range of sectors – including construction, grounds maintenance, oil & gas and automotive – have employees who work with power tools. In those every day jobs, from mechanics to council grass cutters,  power tool vibration can result in the crippling condition, Vibration White Finger, leaving companies open to massive insurance payouts and expensive legal action.

We worked with Reactec to identify general interest stories likely to attract wider attention. These included case studies involving Everton’s Premiership football stadium and well-known sites managed by Historic Scotland. Tailored briefings were sent to specialist trade media in all relevant sectors, from aggregate and plant hire, to luxury car manufacture.

HAVmeter 2Put simply, we managed to explain the issue in a way that spoke to real people, doing real jobs in the real world. We also explained the risks of poor vibration management in a language universally understood by business managers – pounds and pence.

Reactec experienced an immediate and pronounced increase of coverage in mainstream, trade and specialist titles.

As a result sales staff started to push against open doors. They reported a marked increase in name recognition and far greater success in booking appointments with decision makers. Precisely the turnaround in business fortunes that was able to propel the business forward.

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