Sevenfold increase in engagement for Core-Asset Consulting’s top social platform


Sevenfold increase in engagement for Core-Asset Consulting’s top social platform


Find out how our digital PR experts delivered 2,177 new followers in three months

WHEN YOU think of social media – Instagram, Twitter and Facebook immediately spring to mind.

For our client, Core-Asset Consulting (one of Scotland’s top recruitment firms) LinkedIn is their most valuable platform by far – and one that often flies under the radar for us PRs.

By planning and executing engaging content tailored for professionals and those on the hunt for a job, we delivered an outstanding set of results in just three months.

LinkedIn highlights included:

  • 727% increase in engagement
  • 127% increase in likes
  • 600% increase in the number of comments
  • 73% increase in the number of impressions
  • 2,177 new followers

Social media plays a huge role in the recruitment and jobs market, with businesses fighting tooth and nail for share of voice and visibility on busy, often saturated platforms like LinkedIn (which has more than 30 million companies listed).

So, how did we deliver a complete turnaround of our client’s LinkedIn so quickly?

While content focused on job opportunities continuing to go live, we focused on where we could find up to date, informative and engaging content: Core-Asset’s own content, it’s website.

We worked with the team at Core-Asset to draft blog posts and press releases, giving us regular content, we could share across Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn – with a particular focus on what we thought would engage professionals on LinkedIn.

By regularly checking in on the engagement, follower count and impressions, we could see patterns starting to emerge on what kind of content received the most engagement – namely advice and insights from Core-Asset’s top team of advisers.

Monthly benchmarking and tracking enabled us to shape the content and ensure we’re consistently putting out the right type of content for Core-Asset’s followers, who are growing in numbers every single month.

Thanks to the digital work, our PR work with Core-Asset has become much more integrated – now we share our press releases on the Core-Asset website, amplify on social, and watch the engagement and impressions grow.

Not only are we helping to spread Core-Asset’s name, messaging and valuable recruitment insights with press and readers, we’re also directly engaging with their followers and building a community via their social media.

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