Send a gift with a difference – a pat on the back, or a pat in a box

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A NEW online gift delivery service is giving customers the chance to give their friends either a pat on the back…or a pat in a box.

Scottish company has unveiled the new service, which offers online users the chance to send chocolate and jewellery to their friends – or gift-wrapped cow pats to their enemies.

The unique, easy-to-use service lets customers write a personalised message and pick a matching gift from an extensive online range, which have been separated into three sections – called “nice”, “nasty” and “extravagant”.

So while a “nice” gift box reading You Are A Star would include a present from a wide range of gifts such as luxury chocolate or silver earrings, others bearing the message You Are A Sh*t would be filled with vacuum-packed cow pats or horse dung.

The “nasty” boxes have been devised as a tongue-in-cheek alternative to more traditional gifts and, with a fully-personalised messaging system available through the site, customers are able to explain exactly why they have sent the gift to the lucky or unlucky recipient. The sender also has the option of remaining anonymous should they wish.

Company founder Charlotte Waugh said that she hoped the service would prove popular among people with a uniquely British sense of humour who often struggle to find the perfect present for their friends and family.

She added: “We initially aimed You Are A at young working professionals with disposable income, but we also think it will be popular with people of all ages who have difficulty finding the perfect gift to send.

“For example, a grandmother wanting to congratulate her granddaughter on passing her exams could send her a You Are A Star box with a star necklace in it. And, of course, a group of office workers could purchase a tongue-in-cheek You Are A Sh*t box for their colleague’s birthday.”

Charlotte, who lives on a farm in the Scottish Borders, added that she came up with the idea of including gift boxes of dung after seeing a photo on the internet of a woman packaging dog droppings.

“It seemed like a great idea,” she added. “Sometimes people want to send an amusing present to their friends, so I thought we should offer them the option of sending a gift box filled with dung.

“The droppings get vacuum packed before they go in the box and it’s all 100 per cent natural.  It’s a great, unusual present that I’m sure will be popular with a lot of people with a sense of humour.”

To help customers order their gifts, the You Are A website has been specifically designed to be uncluttered, making it easier to use and avoiding the need to spend hours registering for the service.

The ordering process takes five easy steps and, as You Are A… is an all-inclusive service, there are no hidden postage and packaging costs. The gift boxes have also been designed to fit through as standard letter box, so there are no extra collection hassles to deal with.

Customers can also choose from the firm’s extravagant gift range, which includes presents such as luxury silk underwear and silver bracelets. Customers can also suggest their own, specific items for the extravagant gift boxes, which You Are A… will make every effort to source and send to their recipients.

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