Send a group of storytellers on a Black Cab Challenge and There Will be Tales to Tell

by Sarah Fairley

Tuesday, November 25th, 2014

Black taxi challenge Storytelling is in our DNA here at Holyrood PR. In fact here’s how we sum up what we do – and why we do it.

We believe that stories are at the heart of every business – and when those stories are well told to the right audience it improves the bottom line, while making better places to work.

Since we’re always encouraging our clients to share their everyday stories, it’s crucial we do the same and that we practice what we preach. It’s important to us that we lead by example.

On this page are a selection of the pictures from our recent staff day out – which saw us split into smaller teams, each riding in four separate black cabs to take on a series of challenges across Edinburgh.


The challenge involved collecting items, gathering facts, dressing up, taking photographs and even arranging impromptu street performances.

We followed it up with a slap-up meal, a three hour karaoke session and yes, there may have been the odd alcoholic drink involved.

There were many stories to tell in the days following our day out including:

  • How difficult it is to get a parking ticket from a machine with a precise expiry time on it – or to find a coin (any coin) minted in 1995
  • Which colleagues had managed to hide their artistic lights under bushels and turned out to be rather gifted when it comes to sketching
  • The realisation that no-one among us is gifted with a decent singing voice – whether tackling Whitney Houston, Elton John, Radiohead or Queen.Black taxi challenge
  • When it comes to taking a running jump, some of us leap like Billy Elliot, while others have trouble leaving terra firma.

But if there was a powerful narrative that came out of our day out it was that the team that plays together, works together.

For newer staff the day out was an icebreaker. For those of us longer in the tooth it was a welcome break from routine.

Across the board it was good laugh and it was all thanks to Amazing Days events and team building.  It has given everyone a noticeable lift in confidence and created a warm atmosphere in the days since.

Black taxi challengeSo we hope some of these pictures will raise a smile.

And if you want to work with people who live, eat and breathe the serious business of storytelling but aren’t afraid to laugh at ourselves, then get in touch anytime.

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