Selection Of Web Wonders For A Windy Tuesday

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Selection Of Web Wonders For A Windy Tuesday

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Advert urges Brits to stay home

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British Airways has launched a huge marketing campaign to urge Brits to stay at home during the upcoming Olympics. The first stage of this saw an advert appear exclusively on Facebook last Monday with the headline, “Don’t Fly. Support Team GB.” This was followed up by an ingenius advert which initally screened during last Monday’s Euro 2012 England V Ukraine match, and has been broadcast on most mainstream TV channels at regular intervals since. A print version also appeared in national newspapers, on billboards across the country and it was quickly spread on Twitter using the hashtag, HomeAdvantage. In a clever move, BA have created an online version of the ad where users can input their postcode and watch an aircraft quite literally taxi down their street which has become one of the most successful social media advertising campaigns ever since it launched.

Original video:

Take a plane down your street:​


A café owner in Perth has captured what ghost expert’s claim is the best evidence of paranormal activity to have come to light in over 10 years. Dan Clifford, 35, spotted what he’s convinced was a ghostly apparition when he checked the CCTV footage recorded overnight in his shop. The image was taken after a motion sensor started the CCTV cameras recording and seems to show a shadowy, transparent figure hovering over a table for two. Once he had seen the footage Dan called in a team of ghost experts who confirmed that what he had captured on camera was the ghost of a woman. This is apparently the latest in a string of paranormal events, which have led Dan and his customers to conclude the presence of a ghost.​


In every family there is bound to be a sister or brother more successful than the other. Fortunately for me I am an only child so don’t need to fight this battle. For someone like Doug Pitt (older brother of Brad) it is more than likely something he will have been battling all his life. But now he has payback time as he has been included in Virgin Mobile’s new brand campaign ‘Fair Go Bro’ which is designed to take rebellion against traditional campaigns with celebs. Hope he enjoys his five minutes of fame!


I don’t know about your grandparents, but my Grandmother has done her best to stay up to date with the newest technology. She added me on Facebook, and listed herself as my “Grandfather,” will write lengthy e-mail-format messages on random pictures of mine that pop up in my newsfeed, and bless her heart, she’s even Skyped with me (with my Dad’s assistance), and only yelled at the screen a little bit! So this High Five is for all the Grans and Grandads out there who [heart] technology, and stay hip with “the Youtube”, “the Google”, “the Facebook”, and “the Skype.”


They say people are either cat lovers or dog lovers, and either way we all know someone who takes the love for their pet that little bit too far. This could be investing in clothes for canines or car seats for cats. However, possibly the oddest thing contemporary dog lovers are endorsing is sweaters made from dog hair. More specifically, their own dog’s hair. Check out this link for some fetching images of dog and owners in matching coats. Somehow I don’t think (or maybe I hope) this will catch on….​