Search Experts Leave Clients Seeing Stars With Cheeky Christmas Messages

by Scott Douglas

Friday, December 17th, 2010

QueryClick Christmas stars

SEO Experts Create Online Stir with Cheeky Greetings

A team of digital experts have scored a festive hit with a series of cheeky online Christmas greetings.

Web specialists at QueryClick are delighted with the response to their festive messages – where strategically placed asterisks appear to turn innocent seasonal tidings into naughty phrases.

The series of suggestive messages include, “Merry C****tmas”, “Jingle B*lls” and “Nice B**bles” and were put together by QueryClick’s in house designer, Alex Cowles.

Agency founder Chris Liversidge said: “Asterisks are the written equivalent of bleeping out swear words on TV. So when people see the stars on our Christmas messages they do a real double take and assume there is some adult content where you wouldn’t normally expect it.

“Happily it only lasts a second and very quickly the reader realises it’s just a bit of fun and the message is a perfectly innocent, traditional Christmas greeting.

“All the team here thought the messages were really funny, but we weren’t exactly sure how some client might respond. We’re delighted to say the reaction has been 100% positive.”

The messages, which have been extensively shared across Twitter and Facebook, finish with the message: “Missing something from your search engine strategy this festive season?”

Chris, who set the full service search marketing agency two years ago, added: “We wanted the cards to be grown up and fun while sending a serious message.

“The intention is to show that sometimes what is missing is actually more important than what is actually there – because countless companies have lovely websites which simply aren’t doing anything to benefit or improve their business.

“We’re chuffed at all the positive feedback we’ve had and that they have given people a bit of laugh and something to share online.”

QueryClick helps businesses improve online performance through search engine optimisation, pay-per-click online ad campaigns and a wide range of other online service. Clients of the fast-growing, £500,000-a-year business include Aggreko, Mint Hotels, Tigerlily and BrewDog.


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