Scottish PR expert Scott Douglas co-hosts episode 4 of media podcast, Quiet News Day


Scottish PR expert Scott Douglas co-hosts episode 4 of media podcast, Quiet News Day


Scott Douglas, founder of Holyrood PR public relations in Scotland joins with renonwed journalist Shaun Milne for Episode 4 of Quiet News Day.

The weekly podcast, which looks at media, journalism, public relations, social media and technology,is aimed at anyone interested in media and business.

On the latest blog, special guest is Dave Cook, one of Scotland’s leaders in public relations for the online gaming sector.

Other stories discussed include plans by Times editor James Harding to rewrite the economice of online, and the Mirror Group’s Neil Benson on suggestions that local newspapers should set up their own public relations services.

Times editor James Harding on his plans to “rewrite the economics of online”.

Guardian News & Media Head of Digital Attraction.

Neil Benson on newspapers setting up local PR agencies

The journalistic view:

The public relations view:

Audio interview with Neil Benson

The Cumberland News and Star Cover It Live:

Dave Cook on news, gaming and PR (pictured)

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