Holyrood PR director makes the headlines after delivery disaster

Holyrood PR Media Coverage

Holyrood PR director makes the headlines after delivery disaster

Holyrood PR Media Coverage

Unhappy director hits major Scottish headlines after a delivery gone wrong


AFTER A long career helping clients to make the headlines, Holyrood PR director Scott Douglas found himself in the news at the weekend, thanks to Scottish PR.

Scott featured in the Scottish Daily Express and the Edinburgh Evening News which both reported how he was delivered a delicate tablet PC – even though it had a van tyre track across it.

Having been run over somewhere during the delivery process, the tablet inside the package was badly damaged.

Scott told the newspapers: “You have to see the funny side of something like this, because delivering a parcel with a glaringly obvious tyre track across it it is comically inept.

“There can’t be many packages that would survive intact after having a van or lorry roll over them. Certainly my Nexus 7 tablet came off second best.”
Scott explained that when the package was delivered to the Holyrood PR offices in Bonnington it was placed on a desk with the tyre mark out of sight – otherwise he would not have signed for it. It was only after the driver departed that he realised the parcel had been crushed.
Scott added: “In fairness we see loads of parcels delivered to our offices, especially in the run up to Christmas and the vast majority are trouble-free.

“But  delivering a parcel which has clearly been run over by heavy vehicle is plain stupidity. This is the kind of thing that really annoys customers.

“Rightly or wrongly, this is also the kind of thing that people remember – not all of the parcels and packages which were delivered safely. It is such a needles and avoidable own goal by the delivery company.”

Delivery company Interlink Express responded to the story by saying: “We deliver millions of parcels every year and incidents such as this are incredibly rare indeed.

“As the goods were successfully delivered and signed for, our driver could not have been aware of the damage, as our standard procedure in such circumstances is to offer to return the goods to the retailer on the customer’s behalf.”

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