Why it wasn’t lonely this Christmas

Bield Housing And Care Press releases

Why it wasn’t lonely this Christmas

Bield Housing And Care Press releases
Scottish PR agency shares story on behalf of client Bield on Christmas at Castlebrae Glebe supported housing in Craigmillar.

Staff and tenants at supported housing accommodation in Craigmillar organised a lonely scheme, which runs all year round and, this year, the scheme made sure that its users had somewhere to be on Christmas day.

Tenants and staff at Bield’s Castlebrae Glebe accommodation invited those who would otherwise be by themselves on the 25th to join them for a hearty, home cooked Christmas dinner.

The dinner – a traditional Christmas feast, complete with all the trimmings – was enjoyed by all around the table.

The wholesome dinner was followed by a lively game of bingo. The Bield tenants were high in festive spirits as, just days before, they got together to see the beautiful lights decorating the city’s George Street.


Sharon Tomany, manager at Castlebrae Glebe, said: “Christmas is a time for togetherness. Many of the people who have joined our lonely scheme love to socialise but, unfortunately, have over time found themselves in situations in which they have nobody to talk to or to share their days with.

“Feelings of isolation and loneliness are too often experienced by Britain’s older population, and we’re doing our bit to make sure this changes.

“Christmas, especially, is a time in which it’s so important to be with others and to celebrate the magical day together.

“We’re very proud of what we achieved this year – there was a lovely warm atmosphere and everyone had such great fun.

“The staff did a great job of serving up the delicious meal for such a large group of us – compliments were paid all round as everyone tucked in.

“With the carols on in the background, and everyone together, relaxing and conversing, festive cheer filled the room at Castlebrae Glebe this Christmas.”

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