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Leading homebuilders secure VIP visit thanks PR firm

Leading homebuilders secure VIP visit thanks PR experts  laying the foundations for ministerial magic | Scottish PR agency

WHETHER it’s to mark the completion of the UK’s tallest turbine or to celebrate the work of a Scottish independent courier company, we’re no strangers to enticing top politicians to meet with our clients.

Through careful monitoring of the news agenda, political party priorities, government objectives, and the remarkable achievements of our clients, we have consistently and reliably been able to draw key figures to commemorate significant client milestones.

This can be best demonstrated by a recent project, where we worked with Cala Homes (East) to secure a visit from Scotland’s Minister for Housing, Paul McLennan, which proved to be a big win for Cala.

Cala’s newest development set in Penicuik comprises of 57 homes for social rent and was completed following a major partnership between housebuilder Cala Homes (East) and Wheatley Group.

Having heard about the completion of Cala’s affordable homes in Penicuik, we knew this was the perfect opportunity to invite the Housing Minister to attend, marking the memorable moment.

We ensured that the invite was timed carefully to fall in line with the local news agenda, with the Midlothian battling a major shortage of social rent homes. That meant the completion of the homes was a big win for the wider community, and it attracted further attention, with another influential figure attending, Provost Debbi McCall.

Leading homebuilders secure VIP visit thanks PR experts  laying the foundations for ministerial magic | Scottish PR agency

We worked closely with Wheatley Group to ensure we had a singing signed-off media package and access to a local tenant who was buzzing with their new home – so much so that they offered up a house tour to the VIP guests.

By regularly engaging with top politicians, we’ve built relationships across Scotland’s sectors, opening huge doors for our clients that have enabled key events and opportunities for our clients.

We know how important it is for clients to be having crucial discussions with policy makers, it instantly boosts a business’s prowess and standing within the industry 10-fold.

Thanks to our team of PR experts, we created an incredible opportunity for Cala to not only build its profile in the press but continue to develop its strong relationship with key stakeholders on the day itself.

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