If your business faces a David versus Goliath challenge, our Scottish PR agency can help

by Stuart Milne

Friday, December 16th, 2016

Taking on the big guys? Find out how our public relations agency champions the underdog

David versus Goliath artwork to illustrate success of Scottish PR agency

EVERYONE loves an underdog story. From David and Goliath to Rocky versus Creed and everything in between, we love to see the small guy win (and the training montage isn’t too bad either).

At Holyrood we have a genuine passion and commitment for driving growth and recognition for our SME clients. Not least because we’re one of them – an SME with ambition and a human heart. We even look to live up to our vision of, “…transforming the everyday into what makes us proud.”

As a past winner of ‘Best Small Agency’ at the CIPR PRide Awards, we know the feeling, punching above our weight for ourselves and our clients. Similarly, we’ve taken on a number of clients who have done some Goliath-slaying of their own in the past.

Here are just a few tips for how to do this in 2017 with some case studies from our own set of clients.

Gilson Gray – Lay down the law

The housing market can be a dark and mysterious place to navigate at the best of times and this looks like it won’t be changing in 2017. At a time like this it is important to have the brightest and not just the biggest light showing you the way.

Gilson Gray have marked themselves apart from legal conglomerates like Savills by offering personal and personable service to all their clients.

Based in Edinburgh and Glasgow they are ideally placed to help their clients find their place in the central belt and the rest of Scotland.

We’ve told their stories now for more than three years letting the press know about a mix of community involvement and high-profile appointments. They do this by laying down the law. If you want to be regarded as one of the best – you have to behave like one. This isn’t limited to being a phrase – but is something you should adopt. Look to make media comment, ensure you are seen as the voice in your field that has the experience and the brightest ideas.

If this is something you like the sound of – we can always help you become a known voice in your field and in the media.

Publicise the things that make your business tick!

What could be more useful than coverage letting their customers know that, firstly, they know Scotland and, secondly, they have the best people to help you out.

Gilson Gray PR legal photographyCould you build the same kind of reputation as Gilson Gray? Take a look at the stories we’ve secured coverage for…

Eagle Couriers: Be personable because you can!

At Holyrood we have been sure to get the Eagle Couriers message out there and let the country know that there is an alternative to the faceless couriers, and it’s one that provides a service above and beyond.

Jerry Stewart, co-director of Eagle, has become, with a little help from us, a trusted commentator on issues affecting traffic and the infrastructure in Scotland. We’ve used this to Eagle’s advantage creating releases that tackle the issues head on ensuring everyone know that the courier has its finger on the pulse.

Not only do we secure phenomenal media coverage in print but we use this content to the fullest effect online keeping Eagle’s website up-to-date with blogs and opinion pieces.

Add in to this a dash of inventive story-telling and you have a PR recipe for success.

If your business is small enough or connected enough to be personable – do it, it won’t take away from your business to have a human touch.

Eagle CouriersEagle have had some amazing stories to tell since they joined us. Have a look here at the kinds of things they have been able to boast of

Commsworld – If you Take a Scalp, Scream, Yell and Shout About It

The ‘Information Super-Highway’ is an almost impossibility antiquated term that has been left-behind by the rapid expansion of the online world, but the race is still very much on to get to the front of the queue.

However huge telecoms companies rule the roost, by and large, and it is hard to find a foothold for smaller developers and companies.

That makes the success of our client Commsworld all the more remarkable.

Playing a huge part in the installation of the Edinburgh and Aberdeen COREs, state-of-the-art pure fibre networks, that will transform these cities into ultra-fast internet hubs drawing increased investment and making life less stressful and frustrating for almost anyone accessing a computer.

Securing this contract was a huge deal, in every sense, and we made sure to shout about it in a number of publications online and in print.

We’ve loved playing our part in Commsworld’s many successes, not least because we have to keep up to date on the latest tech trends and innovations, and there has been a rich seam to mine.

There’s a lesson in there – if you manage to reap in such a big win – it’s worth shouting about and it could help you win further business!

VCOMMSWORLD_BOARD_HPR-19 Boardisit Commsworld’s client hub to take a look at the invaluable and varied coverage we’ve helped produce

SME PR is one of our specialties, so let our crack team help your business.

When you are a small to medium sized business, you value a real one to one approach. At other agencies you could be at the bottom of the pile. At Holyrood, we always make time for our clients.  To find out how we could work together, call 0131 561 2247 or fill out the form below:

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